8th October 2011

“Human rights are not a popularity contest. The people with the greatest numbers can change the tax system, or affect policy changes on things like roads or healthcare, but they cannot enforce their religious beliefs on any minority. And this is what many Christians seem to have a real problem with.”

Mike Gillis

9 Responses to “8th October 2011”

  1. NatureofReality Says:

    There is, in a nut shell, what is the problem with the Christians today. Now lets talk about “under god” being illegally placed in our pledge allegiance in the 50’s, or “in god we trust” on our money, also done in the 50’s under the Eisenhower administration, if you want to talk about them forcing religious belief on others.

  2. Defiantnonbeliever Says:

    NoR- blatant impositions like money vandalism and the pledge are just the tip of a huge iceberg that includes ‘blue laws’, censorship, creeping neo-prohibition(s), and huge thefts of public funds that are increasing not diminishing.

  3. archaeopteryx Says:

    It happens on this side of the pond as well. I live in Ireland – need I say more?

  4. Jeff Says:

    I have a suggestion for non-violent protest that might just bring about a bit of change in this area.

    Here in the states, all the legal oaths end with “So Help Me God”, except that for the office of President, and since Washington, it has been added extra-constitutionally. (A fact that I pointed out to Chief Justice Roberts in a recent letter.)

    What I suggest is that atheists should refuse such oaths on the grounds of religious freedom, and refuse to take any alternative on the grounds of Brown vs. Board of Ed. I firmly believe that the legislative record on each such oath, no matter when it passed into law, will show that the intent of that phrase is clearly an unconstitutional religious test for entry to office.

    Should I be called to jury duty, or as a witness in any legal proceeding, I plan to do so, and they can jail me for contempt if that is what pleases them.

    Any takers?

  5. Larry Fiehn Says:

    Jeff: Most states have exceptions – either in law or at least in practice – that a person can “affirm” to something instead of swearing an oath (as in so help me God). You would have a bit more to do if you have to sign a printed form which has that term on it, but I just line it out.

    I’m also one of radicals who loudly says the Pledge of Allegiance in the pre-1950s version: I loudly say “indivisisble” while all the theists are saying “under God”. It is often noticed. I’m looking forward to sometime when I’m asked to LEAD the Pledge and can do that.

  6. R j Says:


    i didnt know you lived in ireland ! is it cool…..do you

    like living there ?? i am irish myself, but i’ve never been

    to see ireland………..maybe one day.

    anyway, today’s quote is accurate, as far as it goes.

    but i sure wouldnt just single out the christians. ALL

    the religionistas do this……it just varies in degree.

    one time years ago, i was running around with this girl,

    and she brought me to her hometown for a big family

    reunion/bar b que/all day drunk.

    after i’d been there a while, her father, the town

    mayor, and a giant-sized catholic red-neck, asked me

    quite loudly where i went to church !!! suiddenly, all eyes

    were on me……….so i said ” our lady of sorrows in kansas

    city. ” . this got big grins all around, and probably

    saved my neck !

    footnote here: after MANY drinks this same guy

    and i drive over to visit his MONUMENT (tombstone )

    business………..and after the tour he tells me, ” take

    good care of my little girl…or i’ll be making one of

    these for YOU ! ”

    AHHH………..that whole weekend is such a fond

    memory !

  7. Jeff Says:

    In Federal courts, there are no alternatives on offer, and besides which, any alternatives violate the principle that “separate but equal is inherently unequal” as enumerated in Brown v. Board. I understand your method on the pledge, but have chosen to stand mute which is often noticed as well. I consider that the pledge decision the court handed down has robbed me of the flag to which I am entitled as a citizen of the US.

  8. Jeff Says:

    I meant to add, that even when the afirm version is used, it still ends “So Help Me God” and that is what I am protesting. I’ll swear to anything (and sometimes at it as well).

  9. archaeopteryx Says:

    R J – it’s usually OK living here! When I came here, in the 1960s, it was an out and out theocracy, but it seems to be getting less religious as time goes by. A trend I hope will continue!