28th October 2011

“I'm not a bad man. Surely a God of love will forgive the scepticism that he granted me and let me through the pearly gates? Any being who would send a good person to eternal damnation just because he has no faith doesn't deserve respect, let alone worship.”

Adam Rutherford

24 Responses to “28th October 2011”

  1. s0l0mon Says:

    God would forgive anything except worshipping other than him.
    [Admin: FYI this is an example of a baseless assertion which, as I’ve explained, is not appropriate on this site. You have to explain how you know this. Is it because a Muslim scholar told you? Or god talked to you in your sleep?]

    That is a very simple straighforward rule. Why can’t one simply have faith. Theres abundance of evidence leading to faith. How could one ignore the existing creations around them and simply claims nobody created it. God grant ample of time for one to develop faith, why does’nt one try to grab that opportunity and yet blame God for being skeptic.

  2. R J Says:

    i think this quote is pretty much wishy-washy

    nonsense. all 3 sentences ought to be preceded by

    ” in my namby-pamby knee trembling opinion…..”

    i mean it’s SO simple-minded and self centered.

    if he was going for a laff, it falls flat.

    this is the sort of addle-minded drivel you might

    expect from the “holidays only” church-goer. or even the

    year-round attendees who secretly have no idea why

    they go but for appearing “proper.”

    BOLLOCKS !!!!

  3. reetBob Says:

    It speaks to people’s irrational fear of the afterlife. I like it for its intended irony.

  4. Dan Says:

    “Theres abundance of evidence leading to faith.”

    Apparently someone doesn’t know what the words “evidence” and “faith” mean.

  5. jhm Says:

    Before the faithful post about it, they might take the time to read their own f’in manuel. The fact that this is the prime commandment might have been a clue, but it is expressed in even more explicit terms; according to the supposedly inerrant word of the creator of the Universe, it is the one sin which cannot be forgiven: not accepting the one true god.

  6. Atheist MC Says:

    How could one ignore the existing creations around them and simply claims nobody created it.

    Solomon, look up “Begging the question” on Google or Wikepedia and you may understand why.

  7. archaeopteryx Says:

    We keep hearing that there are intelligent and sophisticated reasons to believe in a god. I haven’t come across any of them yet and I would like to.

    Today’s question from our resident theist – “what created everything?” does not work for me. Like any rationalist, I opt for the usual, often repeated, but always ignored, answer “what created your god?”. Occam’s razor is enough to answer the theist question.

    I once heard a learned theologian (sorry, can’t remember his name) dismiss the “what created your god?” question by saying it was a schoolboy tactic, but he didn’t say why it was wrong. I confirmed my own conclusions from that.

  8. s0l0mon Says:

    “What created your God?”
    Only God is not created by anyone. God exists on his own. He has no beginning and has no end. Reasoning does not apply only to Gods existence. Now this is more than scientific. Its like explaining what lies beyond the universe. Does it have an end? If so our mind will ask again, what lies after the end?See…the universe seem to have no end, now its God were talking about, the most powerful, most intelligent.

    [Admin: Solomon these are all baseless assertions. I don’t think you’re getting the point. If you make an extraordinary claim (e.g. “reasoning does not apply to God’s existence”) then you have to give some evidence for that claim otherwise it’s just trolling]

  9. Sinclair Smythe Says:

    “baseless assertion…abundance of evidence leading to faith” Got it Solomon!

  10. archaeopteryx Says:

    s0l0mon: your reply does not answer the question. You put forward a special case for your argument which you do not justify.

  11. Sinclair Smythe Says:

    Con men created God in their own image to fool the masses into blindly following their instructions whether it be forking over their money to them or fighting their battles for them.

    God does not exist because there is no place for god in all of space. No matter where you look the answer is always the same, there is no god.

    If you claim their is something that can not be observed then you are perpetuating the con. In this temporal existence, not spitirual but an existence confined by time, there can never be a god or other supernatural diety. The suspension of nature and its properties is not possible.

    There can be no extra natural, or supernatural, because existence is tied to nature. Existence is, and it is, natural, only natural.

    Nature is observable, measurable, quantifiable. Nature can be studied.

    In all of the human time that man has sought to observe, measure, and quantify the supernatural there has never even once been an instance to support any claim of the supernatural.

    Instead lies have been spread about the miracle of Lourdes where supposed cripples that have risen from their wheelchairs but never has a amputee grown a new leg.

    For god to exist magic would have to exist, for god to exists magic spells would have to be part of our every day lives. Walking on water would have to be something we’d see regularly, the spreading of large bodies of water would be something we’d see in papal visits across water. Mohammed would not need to cover up his wretched and ugly behavior with lies about ascending to heaven. Mohammed was a filthy and vile animal like a pig.

    No god does not exists because god can’t exist. God is the imaginary friend, the psychotic delusion, the schitzophrenic’s dream.

    God is nothing, nothing at all.

  12. Dan Says:

    “Only GodReality is not created by anyone. GodReality exists on his own. He has no beginning and has no end.”

    There you go. Fixed.

  13. Dan Says:

    I find it funny how Christians try to take the apparent – that the Universe has no beginning and no end – and try to make up “facts” to add onto it. E.g., like Solomon trying to say that it’s not the Universe that’s infinite, it’s a Fairy Sky Daddy.

  14. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Echoes Dan! You are right on!

  15. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    As for forgiving skepticism here is a laugh:

    Magicians say their craft makes them see faith as just hocus-pocus

  16. Jeff Says:

    I finally figured out why Solly can’t (or won’t) understand what we’ve been telling him. The reason is that he doesn’t understand what an extraordinary claim that he’s making. In his world view, God is a given, and therefore neither extraordinary nor supernatural. However, in the natural world where the rest of us live, God is a supernatural explanation, and therefore an extraordinary claim which requires extraordinary evidence.

    Now, whether his inability to take any world view other than his own is willful or an artifact of a serious case of IQDS (Intelligence Quotient Deficit Syndrome) is for his readers to decide.

  17. Dan Says:

    Thanks Sinjin.

    The other thing that Solomon said here that’s stupid:

    God would forgive anything except worshipping other than him.

    If that’s what Solomon believes, then it’s apparent to me that he is an immoral person.

  18. Atheist MC Says:

    Only God is not created by anyone. God exists on his own. He has no beginning and has no end.

    Actually this argument is used by “sophisticated” theologians frequently. It’s called the contingent cosmological argument, but it is in fact simply special pleading on behalf of the purported deity.

    The other interesting thing about arguments for the existence of a god capable of creating the universe as we now know it to be, is it is never explained why such a deity should make its existence known only to a small illiterate bronze age tribe in the desert region of an insignificant planet around one insignificant sun amongst 100 billion in one galaxy amongst 100 billion others and why that awesome being gives a flying f**k about what a particular species of ape does for kicks.

  19. archaeopteryx Says:

    AMC – absolutely, very well put!

  20. Dan Says:

    Yes, very well put indeed AMC!

  21. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I like it too MC.

    And as for “except worshipping other than him”.

    I can’t help but to think of the recent two bit dictators that have fallen when I read this: Moammar Ghadafy, Saddam Hussein, et cetera.

    What kind of low life, filthy and stinking, hairy-hand ape would enjoy sitting around for all eternity basking in the cacophony of prayer and worship?

    I mean suppose for a moment that god as Solomon describes exists. Is this rotten crud type of entity something deserving of anything other than defiance?

    If I found out that god created me to worship him for all eternity I’d defacate on a paper plate and smear the mess in his face.

    You see Solly what you are essentially saying is that you are a meager, frightened little whimp that is dependent upon the hope of a big brother to protect you from all that you fear: And you fear an awful lot.

    It takes a certain fortitude to accept that you are alone, save for the dear friends and family you may or may not be able to share life with.

    I for one, and I’d be willing to bet some folks here, do not fear standing on this pale blue dot alone in the vastness of all that there is.

    In keeping with today’s quote, this god you describe is not worthy. When you add to his resume a significant lack of presence you can’t avoid the fact that he not only doesn’t exist, but the possibility that he could exist doesn’t exist.

  22. S0l0m0n Says:

    All your rants will be dealth with later. Right now I’am on holiday

  23. Dan Says:

    You’ve got nothing but empty threats, Solomon.

  24. reetBob Says:

    Solomon, you take everyone’s words as a personal attack. Don’t. These people are trying to speak to you, do not be insulted.

    If you can – I doubt you can, but please try – take the outrage you feel and ignore it.

    How do you know that your beliefs aren’t a lifetime of brainwashing? How would you prove to yourself that they weren’t?