1st November 2011

“A good life is the only religion.”

Thomas Fuller1608 – 1661

8 Responses to “1st November 2011”

  1. R J Says:

    how bout this………..

    we lift out, ” is the only ”

    and insert, “NEVER NEEDS “

  2. Dan Says:


  3. electrabotanical Says:

    I guess this might be useful for people who think they might not believe in God, but need somewhere to go from there.

  4. CaptainZero Says:

    Maybe the emotion being expressed is that there is something that could be called spiritual about leading a good life which for me contains reflection and personal betterment for it’s own sake. The religious certainly do this too but it seems to me that if you can accomplish the same goal with fewer mental moves, the additional ones were superfluous. As Hitchen’s points out, just because we’re atheist doesn’t mean we necessarily lack a sense of the numinous.

  5. R j Says:

    Capt z post at 1803

    capt z, i really like this post ……………….it’s a nice

    summation of some key ideas. without getting into

    a big semantics toss-up, i think it is a fortunate

    thing that around the planet, MOST of the time,

    MOST of the people lead what could be termed

    “good” lives. and you’re right : good lives may

    be conducted with or without the inclusion of

    (generally) organized religion. although, the various

    religions love to take credit for “guiding” the flock

    on different moral and ethical pathways.

    atheists and agnostics posess curious minds………….

    minds that (i believe) function best when examining

    and weighing ideas…………and then embracing

    conclusions. your statement about ” reflection

    and personal betterment FOR ITS OWN SAKE”

    seems to me to support this completely.

    atheists can examine the idea of living a

    “good” life…………see it as, perhaps, worthwhile

    ……………..and then tell you WHY it’s worthwhile.

    the religionistas get the idea in the form of a

    “commandment” ( or 10 ).

    but then…if it’s a “commandment”….there’s no incentive

    to look into whether or not it’s really a good idea

    …………..or WHY.


    anyway…..nice job capt z

  6. CaptainZero Says:

    Thanks, RJ. Side note – most of the people who want to post one of the two versions of the 10 commandments in, say, schools, couldn’t list all 10 (or is it 15? I get confused.) if their life depended on it. They want to treat complex moral questions as if they solvable by the rules posted at the local swimming pool.

  7. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I like everyone’s ideas and I’d add I feel like a spiritual person. I just don’t feel any need to identify that feeling as having anything to do with the supernatural.

    That sense of deep caring about my family, friends, my community, the people of my planet. All of what that feeling is to me feels as I define spiritual.

    How you can add to that which is our animated identity this idea of the supernatural seems to me to miss the point. I play the guitar, I like to improvise, when I’m really on, when I’m really in the groove, I feel as if I’m channeling not the supernatural, but the purely natural. The natural emotion that resonates within us all.

  8. archaeopteryx Says:

    I’m a bit late to comment here, I know.

    I think what Sinjin says is very interesting – it shows the need to define carefully what you mean by words that have been hijacked by special interest groups.

    ‘Spirituality’ is such a word. When asked if I am spiritual, I make sure that the questioner defines what they mean before I answer.