19th February 2008

“You can either have universal human rights, or you can have the universal human right to ignore them for cultural or religious reasons – not both.”

Minette Marrin

3 Responses to “19th February 2008”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    “The politics of human rights, like the idea of individual freedom, were born not in religion but in the Enlightenment struggle against it.” James P. Carroll.

    In the west this took many centuries to make good, but by 1948 the universal declaration of human rights was firmly set out by the United Nations.
    Saudi Arabia and Iran steadfastly refused to accept them. For a start they do not like the word ‘universal’.
    Islam was founded by a desert community in a patriarchal epoch with its particular beliefs as to what appeared to be human rights within the politics of camel herders and traders at the time, over a thousand years ago.
    Other religions have updated those of its beliefs that are considered barbaric by modern standards.
    Instead, those submitting to Submission-Islam have what they call the Cairo charter of 1990 that offers certain rights and many wrongs consistent with Sharia law that allows cruel and barbaric capital punishment, corporal punishment, wife-beatings, hand-severing of thieves, killing of apostates, and more.
    Article 24 of the l990 Cairo Declaration of Human Rights: “All rights and freedoms mentioned in this statement are subject to the Islamic Sharia.”
    Article 25: “The Islamic Sharia is the only source for the interpretation or explanation of each individual article of this statement.”

  2. Chris Says:

    This is a digression. I read a good editorial this morning by Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald in which he articulates why social conservatives do so poorly competing for black votes. I thought it appropriate for this forum because Pitts points out that social conservatives, by which I believe he means religious conservatives, are not moral leaders but are always late to the party.


    P.S. – “Islam” and “Human Rights” occupy non-overlapping magisteria, to borrow a phrase.

  3. Chris Says:

    The thought police are in retreat! The state of Florida has, for the first time, directed that the term “evolution” be used in classrooms. Until now, evolution has been taught but under code words such as “change over time” Now, the words “Scientific Theory of Evolution” are to be used when discussing this subject. Ah! The sweet smell of progress!