3rd December 2011

“'Drunk on the wine of her abominations' (the Book of Revelation), the Vatican has spewed out lie after lie and continues to do so, regarding, not the actual abuse, but the criminal covering up of it and the subsequent reckless endangerment of children.”

Irish Independent

10 Responses to “3rd December 2011”

  1. CaptainZero Says:

    Eloquent… and accurate.

  2. RJ Says:

    oh. i get so tired of this…………..

    the catholic church, HAS NO DEFENSE FO THESE ACTS.

  3. archaeopteryx Says:

    The RC church in Ireland is still acting as if it were a moral authority. When their pronouncements are reported, often in awed terms, I have to resist throwing things at the television.

  4. Godkilla Says:

    Not to worry, the Cathlolic church seems to be in a state of decline – hopefully a terminal decline. Other than damaging their already battered reputation I’m not sure what other repercussions there would be if they did ‘fess up and admit to abuse by clergy. After all they would never allow one to be prosecuted. Diplomatic immunity and all that.

  5. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Vatican Named in International Criminal Court Complaint – NYTimes ..

    I’ve said many times that the Catholic Church is a false front concealing the institutionalization of pedophilia. Some people, in fact many, have discounted what I’ve said implying that I had been “over the top” or excessive in what I was saying.

    The totality of the church is as a matter of fact, and this fact will be revealed soon, the false front I’ve described.

    The Catholic Church exists for no other reason than as a sanctuary for perverts preying upon children.

    Reports of priests abusing children date back over a thousand years. This is nothing new.

    The lengths a sociopath will go to conceal his perversions knows no boundary. Phallic hats on the head of the Pope are spit in the eye of the faithful. Bow your head as I prey, me the great penis.

    The time has come for the sick twisted perverts to be revealed for what they truly are.

    They say one is born every minute but why is that an invitation to exercise cruelty?

    Why must the poor starve at the gates of the Vatican when the wealth inside could save them all?

    What god could be glorified by the Catholic Church? Only the lowest crud could be pleased with the Vatican. It is a den of shame the likes that humanity has never known.

    The vile and disgusting priests that stand in their mini Vaticans, fondling the boys, satiating their appetites for young loin, make me sick.

    Abomination? My that is letting this bunch of twisted, crap loving, malcontents off easy.

  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Pope Benedict XVI has been named in a court complaint.

    The church has long known that the incidence of homosexual orientation rises as more people are born into a family. Science has recently confirmed this. The position on birth control is directly tied to this knowledge. The church has long sought out this child, recruited this child into their ranks.

    You see the church has long known that man boy sex has been ostracized by the greater masses of people. You can’t have your NAMBLA right out their in the open, people become outraged by that.

    These sociopathic pedophiles have constructed the church and religion as a confidence trick. Religion is nothing more than a confidence trick.

    There is no god, heaven, devil, angels! Only sociopathic pedophiles called priests, raping young boys and ripping of unsuspecting dopes.

  7. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    RELIGION The Greatest Confidence Trick In History by Dennis Morris

  8. captainzero Says:

    Sinjin – Trey Parker and Matt Stone seem to agree with at least part of your critique of catholicism:


    Wait for it… wait for iiiiit.

    One little critique, though. Gay =/ pedophile. Also, little girls were abused as well. I think the story is more one of available victims of sexually stunted weirdos than a gay/straight thing. If there were “alter girls” as well as “alter boys” the story would no doubt have turned out differently.

    I do agree that the celibacy requirement seems to attract socially dysfunctional people. You ever talk to a priest? Strange dudes. Uncomfortable silences. A lot of staring.

  9. The Heretic Says:

    I don’t know that I agree with your assessment SS that the RC church was created as a haven for pedophiles. It was created as center of power and money (promulgated by easily deluded people and wishful thinking). Because its origin is based on what I consider to be the greatest hoax of the last 2000 years (the virgin birth of Jesus Christ), secrecy and repression of knowledge is paramount to its success. But the customs of the priests, celibacy among others, has led to the unintended consequence of unnatural development of their psyche. They don’t allow them the fruits of being a human being. That repression has ugly side effects to include perversions. And because of the cloak of secrecy which is central to their existence – these ‘perversions’ have been treated like all of their other nasty little secrets. People who have nasty little secrets are the perfect people to keep the RC Church’s bigger nasty secrets. I don’t necessarily believe that was what the RC Church intended in the beginning, but I think that they have found the practice (a haven for reprobates) too useful to get rid of. It wouldn’t surprise me that profligate among their ranks there were murderers (Nazi?) as well. What better place to hide the filth of society.

  10. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Cap’n I should have been clearer: There are normal gay people and then there are abnormal gay people, pedophiles would be the abnormal gay priests sodomizing boys.

    Much like the male coach that has sex with his female athlete girls is a heterosexual pedophile and an abnormal heterosexual.

    Heretic we can agree to disagree but I’d want you to consider the history of pedophiles and the widespread keeping of boys that predates Christianity. Institutionalizing pedophilia and swaddling it in superstition was a way to retain a much sought after lifestyle that still exists today.

    Fact is the wholesale sex slavery of children is a global business today and the news reports on it regularly. Some pervs go on vacations where the primary activity is molesting children.

    The priesthood isn’t that overt, their secret is that they are perverts. Money and power are the byproducts of the ruse, not the other way around.

    When you view them in this light it all starts to make sense, they why they are the way they are makes sense.