25th December 2011

“The atheists and secularists who are campaigning for [secular] democracy are consistently branded 'arrogant' by the bishops and their noisy cheerleaders. But who is arrogant here? Is it atheists who say that since we have no evidence about how the universe came into being, we should be humble, admit we don't know, and keep investigating? Or is it the bishops, who claim that they not only 'know' how everything was created, but they know exactly what that Creator thinks, how he wants us to have sex, and which pills we can take when we are dying?”

Johann Hari

8 Responses to “25th December 2011”

  1. n0m0l0s Says:

    Johann Hari speaks from his arrogant and narrow point of view, by throwing out all forms of reasoning that can make us think multiple times of how or why the world or happenings is as what it is. Ignoring all the possible evidence that have been make known to humans thru the “true book”.

  2. archaeopteryx Says:

    Johann Hari, despite his problems this year, hits this particular nail right on the head. n0m0l0s, of course, mashes his thumb with the metaphorical hammer yet again.

  3. Dan Says:

    Actually, I’d say the same about you: speaking only from your arrogant and narrow point of view. And delusional.

  4. Hypatia Says:

    Funny how this “true book” is full of factual errors!

  5. rj Says:

    post at 608


  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Solomon and his “true” book are as invisible as any notion of god can be. He never cites a source, never identifies his “true” book, and like god prefers mystery and fact avoidance to laying his cards on the table.

    In “true” charlatan form he completes for himself the image of snake oil salesman. When I imagine him in his natural setting I’m envisioning a car salesman, or one of those creeps that calls at dinner time wanting to explain the features and benefits of aluminum siding.

    Think about this one: we all have both dark and light within ourselves (psychically speaking). In some people the light or dark is more pronounced.

    For instance; the religious sociopath is very often wrapped up in his faithm it is as if he is trying not so much to be a child of god but instead trying to cover up something.

    To a degree we all do this. No one wants to reveal the things the have come to associate as shameful or embarrassing. Maybe you are living as a heterosexual but really view sexuality as a pansexual person? Doesn’t make you a bad person.

    Well for some, and I think Solomon is one of these people, the deviancy or departure from the norm is a bad thing. Sociopaths frequently get beat down in small communities and this keeps their

  7. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    …troublesome behaviors in check. It is in places like church communities, where the population allows them to hide a bit. Among the neighbors at the end of the street they might just agree that Solomon is a bit off and that you have to keep an eye on him, but in the larger church community not everyone knows Solomon and his strange thoughts and ideas.

    Being able to hide also affords him the second chance to recast himself as something he is not. Taking on the mantle of devoutly faithful he views as the perfect mask to hide behind. A sociopath walking among us. It happens more often that we typically recognize.

    There is one thing that is very revealing, very telling, and that is zeal and enthusiasm. The traits the Solomons of the world wrap themselves up in to conceal who they really are the same traits that expose them for who they are.

    These negative and positive traits we all have, if more pronounced, if we make of them more than is reasonable, if we declare “my child is the best ever” we are saying that not because we believe it true but out of fear that it is not. If we declare our religion is the best because it is the one “true” religion it is for fear that it is not.

    Think about it, why is Solomon here? With all the illogical hub bub standing up for faith? It is precisely because Solomon has incredible doubts about god’s existence.

    Solomon has been living a facade of a life, an aluminum siding life, a substitute for the real thing existence.

    What makes Solomon dangerous is his preoccupation for misrepresenting himself. Why? Well like us all we try to conceal the bad, but in his case his devotion is too great, and what he is hiding? It is as well.

    If I’m a criminal profiler or a screenwriter preparing a script for a television show then Solomon is a sick and twisted killer, a criminal in the process of exacting a sick revenge, posing as a man of God.

  8. Dan Says:

    Well said Sinjin.