31st January 2012

“The reason we are not seeing any intelligent debate coming from the religious corner is because there simply aren't any intellectual heavyweights to represent them. The arguments are defunct.”


3 Responses to “31st January 2012”

  1. RJ Says:

    i think this quote is really pretty sophomoric. first, i’d like

    to know what he means by ” intelligent debate. ”

    then, i’d also like to know what, for the author, constitutes

    an ” intellectual heavyweight. ”

    finally, i would argue that the thinking and emotional

    devotion that lead a person to faith are nowhere near

    defunct………..but very much alive and active in this


    all across the u.s. , on any sunday, there are thousands of

    local religious leaders conducting services for their faithful

    generally they try to take some idea (( stort, thought,

    commandment, etc. )) from scripture, and apply it’s

    message to life today. now most of these folks are

    average or above in intelligence………but i dont know

    if they’re ” heavyweights.”

    none the less, that’s still a lot of committed

    people pouring their message into a lot of ears.

    i am cynical enough to think that debating with

    the religionistas is pretty pointless. they hold to their

    beliefs as fiercely as we non-religious hold to ours………..

    and it’s not gonna change. all either of us can do….

    short of buying guns…is , when questioned

    (( challenged )) to explain what we hold to

    be true…………..and WHY.

    our little forum here at QOTD lets us blow our jets

    a little……….even vent frustrations.

    but i think this forum is great cause of its

    diversity of thought ……………. and THAT gives us

    great leeway in examining our own thinking, and

    our own alignments.

  2. McJohn Says:

    I think the lack of intelligent debate is a direct result of the endangered nature of religious evidence and the subsequent failure of that rare evidence to withstand modern intellectual scrutiny. It seems that this quote is attacking the religious people rather than their arguments. I would argue that they chose the smaller target.

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I think there are plenty of religious intellectual heavyweights but that for these heavyweights validating religion is not part of their agenda.

    What I find freightening is their agendas.