3rd February 2012

“The church says only God decides when it's time to go. If that's the case why have average life spans doubled in the last hundred years or so?”


5 Responses to “3rd February 2012”

  1. Johnny Eucharist Says:

    That’s actually not a fact. It’s a common misconception that human lifespans are much longer now than a couple hundred years ago. It’s just that there are fewer things killing us. Left unmolested, the lifespan would have been about the same.

  2. Capt'Z Says:

    They’ve doubled due to the germ theory of disease and vaccination. Yeah, there’s fewer things to kill us… because we’ve thwarted them. God, being imaginary, had nothing much to do with it.

  3. Dan Says:

    I think they’re talking about actual lifespan (i.e., years actually lived on avg), not theoretical lifespan limits.

  4. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Enoch lived 365 years walking with God and then disappeared. Since no one ever saw him again some believe he could possibly still be living. Maybe taken away by God like Elijah but not noted. This is spoken of in Genesis 5:23 & 24

    Literal interpretations take Methuselah’s 969 years to be exactly 969 solar years.

    Some others of note include:

    1. Methuselah – 969 Genesis 5:27
    2. Jared – 962 Genesis 5:20
    3. Noah – 950 Genesis 9:29
    4. Adam – 930 Genesis 5:5
    5. Seth – 912 Genesis 5:8
    6. Kenan – 910 Genesis 5:14
    7. Enosh – 905 Genesis 5:11
    8. Mahalalel – 895 Genesis 5:17
    9. Lamech – 777 Genesis 5:31

    The Bible tells us sin was introduced into the world by Adam and Eve, its influence became greater with each generation, and God progressively shortened man’s life, particularly in the postdiluvian era: post deluvian meaning “pertaining to the period after the Biblical flood or any great flood”.

    The word “Methuselarity” was coined by Aubrey de Gray to mean a future point in time when all of the medical conditions that cause human death would be eliminated and death would occur only by accident or homicide.

    Now with these impossible to deny facts beyond and challenge who among you is getting all excited about the increase in life expectancy between 1907 and 2007?

    The CDC claims this was largely due to a decreasing infant mortality rate, which was 9.99 percent in 1907; 2.63 percent in 1957; and 0.68 percent in 2007.

    I think if you check with Solomon and Xhim you will find this is all due to god throttling back and forth the lever of human lifespan. God is very concerned with how long we live relative to sin and great floods.

  5. Johnny Eucharist Says:

    I’m not at all excited about your “impossible to deny” facts. In fact … The words “nonplussed” and “derisive” come immediately to mind.