10th February 2012

“The time must come inevitably when mankind shall surmount the imbecility of religion, as it has surmounted the imbecility of religion's ally, magic. It is impossible to imagine this world being really civilized so long as so much nonsense survives. In even its highest forms religion embraces concepts that run counter to all common sense. It can be defended only by making assumptions and adopting rules of logic that are never heard of in any other field of human thinking.”

H.L. Mencken1880 – 1956

3 Responses to “10th February 2012”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    Optimistic, to judge by what’s going on today, but I hope he is right. Otherwise, we will have a new dark age, for religious thinking is magical thinking.

  2. jhm Says:

    I hate to mention it, but magic, even allowing that belief in magic is somehow different in kind than religion, is alive and well.

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    jhm you religio-types are always trying to wedge in some little space for religion’s legitimacy. You read today’s quote and the weight of what has been said slips past you without notice, but tear out the words magic and religion then vomit a line like “…magic is somehow different in kind than religion…”.

    No it isn’t. It isn’t any different at all. Any wonder why magicians have dressed like preists for ages? Robes, slippers, funny hats. Any wonder why magicians have handled wands, and burned incense, and made ceremony of their performance?

    The overlap for what you speak is no overlap at all. Both the preist and the magician play slight of hand, make incantations to the supernatural entity, and never admit that it is all just a trick.

    Tell me the religion that doesn’t include magick!