11th February 2012

“The first step to becoming an adult is letting go of all of the beliefs that you were conditioned with, analyzing situations and facts, and making up your own mind.”


5 Responses to “11th February 2012”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    Not much evidence that this is happening – most people remain committed to the religion and customs with which they grew up.

  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.
    Albert Einstein

    “conditioned with” really says it all. Were children today, not “conditioned with” this simple minded belief system would they arrive at it given the available options?

    Sure centuries ago, when no one understood thunder and lightening, eclipses and comets, earthquakes and floods people needed an explanation and in the absence of any real good science to explain it all the simple explanation suited the purpose.

    As humans begin to transcend the adolescence of the human experience to the adulthood of it yes, this conditioning must also be transcended.

    The challenge though is as Einstein noted in the getting of most people to analyze situations and facts, and in making up their own minds.

    This too is religions challenge only in reverse: keeping people from analyzing and thinking, and directing them to the churches positions instead of taking a position of their own.

    Our greatest weapon against religion remains the torah/bible/koran. As one only needs to read the book to walk away from the faith.

  3. r j Says:

    i think the first part of the sentence should read…………

    ”One of the first steps to CRITICAL THINKING is letting…”

    i say this because i think it’s more to the point.

    after all, like ARCH says, there’s lots of

    ADULTS walking around holding religious beliefs that

    they were taught as children…………….and

    holding onto them UNQUESTIONINGLY .

  4. r j Says:

    i mean i GUESS you could call them adults .

  5. Jeff Says:

    I believe BIOLOGICAL ADULTS might be the more correct term. Unfortunately, they have exactly the same right to vote as those of us who’ve grown up in more psychological terms.