3rd March 2012

“Christianity teaches that the human race is depraved, fallen, and sinful.”

D. James Kennedy1930 – 2007

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  1. Xhim Says:

    It would be interesting to know if this is the whole quote, or if Kennedy included the 1st half of the equation: that Xity precedes this teaching with our being made in God’s image. The net result is humanity being something beautiful, but marred. Leave out the image part and it really does sound pretty harsh.

  2. R J Says:

    well, so what ????

  3. R J Says:

    ….yeah-yeah-yeah………..all that crap is true about humans…….

    but WHO CARES ????

    if we wish to elevate ourselves , and our aspirations,

    we need look no further than that pinnacle of the

    successful bio-adaptation ………………..the sloth !!


    and, of course, let us not forget the sloth’s aquatic

    counterpart………the jellyfish !!!

    i like to sometimes pretend that a mythical beast

    exists containing the best of both of these wondrous

    creatures…………. the ” jelly-sloth ”

  4. Xhim Says:

    Actually, I think my son was a jelly-sloth when he was about three… or was that jelly-slob?

  5. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Xhim a collection of the true beauty of god has been compiled and I think you should give it a look see: http://nobeliefs.com/DarkBible/darkbible7.htm

    You will notice Kennedy’s quote is listed there as well.

    The single most significant depravity of humankind is the creation of religion. No greater evil has ever existed.

  6. JOHN Says:

    … and they (the christian overloads) require us the praise and trust in this god every time we spend a dollar or coin?

  7. Xhim Says:

    With all due respect, Sinjin, your Dark Bible’s superficial ripping of Bible texts out of context with a hyper-literalism that the most extreme fundamentalist comes nowhere near is simply ludicrous. These bits have popped up periodically in these discussions, and I usually ignore them because you don’t deal with them in a sentence or two. To take the easiest one as an example: Jesus killing children (Revelation 2:22-23). This is an Apocalypse, for Pete’s sake! The very genre tells you to treat it as symbolic and overstated. That’s the way an Apocalypse works. If you are interested, I can refer you to books that deal with most of the other issues raised.

  8. Dan Says:

    Since, in reality, God was made in man’s image, the point of your first comment above appears rather to be circular logic. But I’d argue that Kennedy’s quote doesn’t apply to all Christians themselves, even if it is implied by their theology. I just don’t think most of them have thought it through, or are even *willing* to consider the implications of their theology, or the horrific details of even the New Testament.

  9. Xhim Says:

    Run that by me again?

  10. Dan Says:

    Sure – sorry for not being very clear. I think I badly mashed two thoughts into one!

    You’d said above, “that Xity precedes this teaching with our being made in God’s image. The net result is humanity being something beautiful, but marred.” Except, in reality, Man isn’t made in God’s image, it’s the other way around. (Why else would Christianity portray Jesus, who was almost certainly of Palestinian appearance, as of European appearance?) So with that, you’re comment should be corrected to say that “humanity is something beautiful, which is humanity,” which is a circular logic.

    For the second part of my comment, about Kennedy’s quote, I might sympathize with Christians reacting to his quote – I don’t think that Kennedy’s assessment of Christianity is applicable to all Christians. There are plenty of Christians who in fact don’t teach aspects of Christianity which portray humanity as being fallen and depraved. But I’d like to make a distinction between Christians and Christianity, and note that Kennedy refers to the latter.

    And what Kennedy is saying about Christianity appears fair enough; not harsh at all. A cursory reading of the Bible will turn up all kinds of horrific pronouncements, and not just in the Old Testament as some Christians would claim.

    So yeah, I’d agree with Kennedy that Christianity, as shown in the Bible, is quite far from being a religion of kindness and forgiveness.

  11. Xhim Says:

    Thanks, Dan. Much clearer. There’s a lot in there that would be fun to discuss, but it’s getting late. Just one comment on the European Jesus: early artists just drew him looking like themselves, and since early Xity was pretty Euro-centric, he ended up – in pictures – as a European. Rembrandt even put him in 17th Cent clothes! I’ve seen, however, Chinese, Jamaican, African and Inuit depictions of him. Which, from my side of the ideological fence, is comforting. He came for all of us, and identifies with all of us. This, of course, includes a whole raft of presuppositions that you probably don’t share, but I can live with that. 🙂

  12. Atheist MC Says:

    This is one of the most egregious concepts of the Abrahamic religions. The idea that we are all “fallen” and in need of redemtion is one of the most debilitating concepts that religion has saddled us with. Christianity is particularly bad in this respect because it offers the false argument that it is unique in that Jesus offers us salvation, rather than us striving for our own. But we don’t need saving in the first place. It’s like big pharma inventing a disease only to sell us a cure we don’t need, but worse than that the cure turns out to be homeopathic.