4th March 2012

“Secularists are not seeking to oppress the manifestation of religion, or interfere in any way with the internal doctrinal matters of religious institutions. But religious bodies in this country must return the favour and accept that they do not have any special right to impose their dogmas on an unwilling nation through their privileged access to the State's legislative machinery. The nation has made clear that it no longer wishes to live by imposed religious principles. The churches need to come to terms with that – however unappetising it is to them.”

Terry Sanderson

2 Responses to “4th March 2012”

  1. Capt'Z Says:

    Secularists would love nothing more than to “oppress the manifestation of religion” and it’s unrealistic to think religionists will ever refrain from attempting to impose their dogmas. The reason is simple: Incompatible mindsets. Every secularist must think, to one degree or another, that every religionist is delusional. Every religionist must think, to one degree or other, that every other person not in their sect is an apostate to the true religion.

  2. The Heretic Says:

    I agree Capt.