12th March 2012

“In the experience of 8 out of 10 women's rights activists, religious fundamentalisms have had a negative impact on women's rights. This impact is felt in terms of reduced rights in the areas of health and reproductive rights, sexual rights and freedoms, women's participation in the public sphere, family laws, economic rights, as well as a general reduction in women's autonomy; and increased violence against women.”

Cassandra Balchin

7 Responses to “12th March 2012”

  1. R J Says:

    i wish women ran everything . it would be a

    SO MUCH better world.

    the earth is TEEMING with dimwits………..

    and most of them are men.

  2. Xhim Says:

    You are a wise man, RJ!

  3. Dan Says:

    Ha! Well, to be fair, I know some not-so-bright women too!

    But really, the best would be a true meritocracy, blind to gender (among other things).

  4. R J Says:


    yeah……i know your idea is right, and really, it’s a

    great idea….i just wish it was true .

  5. DIANE Says:

    Not just a negative impact on women, which is true, but also a negative impact on all progress, including science, medicine, environment, tolerance. And it’s not just fundamentalism, its faith of any kind that puts “beliefs” before evidence and logic. The harm from belief in the supernatural far outweigh any benefit especially when combined with some patriarchal chain of command. Moderate beliefs which most consider harmless actually validate the fundamentalist by trying to offer respect to the most irrational.

  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Diane haven’t seen you here before welcome!

    You are preaching to the choir if you can pardon the pun. Beyond the obvious physical differences and some hormonal chemistry, aren’t we all just people? If you can agree with that then yes, what good is served by relegating half the population to second class citizenship, to oppression, to no contribution beyond servitude? Of course you are correct about the impacts on all human progress too.

    Supernaturalism, especially of the type that has as its principal resource an outmoded and poorly written account of a supposed prophet, for which this is no coroborating documentation or evidence, is truly the most regressive form of oppression. True also is the enabling of the moderates, for without them the crazed psychotic fundamentalists would stand out as the ugly lunatics they are.

    R j I hear what you are saying. With so many men unable to control their self, ruled by their ego, it very well might make more sense to simply submit to the authority of women for no reason other than their general better temperment and judgement.

    Rick Santorum is completely insane! Certifiable! If he is nominated I’m voting for President Obama. Not because I think the President is worthy of re-election in my mind, but because Santorum is nuts.

    Dan imagine a true meritocracy! I know you already have, you and your scientific mind will find this as the obvious logical thing, I mean this more as an expression of exasperation. Like Wow! Imagine a true meritocracy?

  7. family Says:


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