15th March 2012

“Everyone knows that subjecting a child to an act of sexual molestation is a crime deserving of punishment, irrespective of whether it is also a sin requiring penitence. But the Catholic church has treated such behaviour by its priests as a sin deserving only of penance, and has done its best to hide malefactors from the arrest, public trial and sentences of imprisonment that befall most other child molesters.”

Geoffrey Robertson

6 Responses to “15th March 2012”

  1. R J Says:

    yeah…. all that;’s true .

    and yet , the silly bastards want to be taken


    really, really pathetic .

  2. JOHN Says:

    They truly believe that they have privilege based on the fact that they are a religion…

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    The Catholic church is a false front concealing institutionalized pedophilia.

    If you will consider this statement, the church’s behavior becomes completely clear.

    Just try it for a moment, put aside the natural sense to apologize for the church, dismiss the “few bad eggs” excuse, think about the enormous history of young children both male and female that have been raped by clergy, and then see how this explanation fits so simply, so easily.

    There is an old adage about the simplest solution being the best. I think if you will consider this a possibility, everything about the church’s behavior regarding child molestation will make complete sense.

  4. archaeopteryx Says:

    Including the crime of obstructing the course of justice – which I suspect must apply to bishops and higher members of the hierarchy. Any manager in, or owner of, a secular institution that behaved this way would be in jail.

    I think John has it right – they think they are above any nation’s laws. Additionally, many nations seem to agree.

  5. Jeff Says:

    This goes back to the same behavior as yesterday’s dust-up with The H. The law is the law for all or it isn’t worth the paper it’s written upon. Child molestation is against the law – you either follow that law, regardless of your personal predilections, or when you’re caught, you go to jail. If you catch someone and fail to report it, you get what Joe Paterno got, or worse. If you are an employer, you follow employment law – regardless of personal belief, or you pay the penalty.

  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Only problem with JoPa is that he did report it and he still got screwed.

    I appreciate what Heretic was saying yesterday and in certain instances I would be inclined to agree but the one thing his point is glossing over is “…promote the general Welfare”.

    Our government has as a central responsibility to the citizenry a requirement to “promote the general Welfare”.

    For example: “The concerted effort for renewal and expansion of hospital and medical care centers, as a part of our nation’s system of hospitals, is as a public service and use within the highest meaning of such terms. Surely this is in accord with an objective of the United States Constitution: ‘…promote the general Welfare.'”

    No religious organization, or company, or group has any freedom beyond that which is afforded to it by the citizens of this country.

    If in the government’s effort to “promote the general welfare” they (the citizens representatives) see abortion covereage or birth control coverage as necessary to the people’s general welfare than that will become the law.

    The preamble reads “We the people” not “we the corporations” or “we the church” or “we the Moose/Elks/American Legion/etc”.

    So while I agree with Heretic individuals can’t be forced to buy I don’t agree that corporations should have any say in the matter on any level: It is simply not within the realm of what is applicable to their input.

    Furthermore it is your right (Heretic) and all of our right to tell corporations and religious organization how they can operate in oiur country. Corporations and religious organizations operate in this country at the people’s pleasure, they are acting on a privilege grated to them by the people.

    As a Republican you may think it odd that I’d say this isn’t “nanny state” politics, that phrase has become a bit of a buzzword among Republicans but it is false. The government is tasked with promoting the general welfare, if you want to call it ‘nanny state” fine, but it is Constitutional, it is of such great importance to the Founders that they put it in the ultimate place of primacy: The Preamble.

    The church and the corporations are not people and as such have no rights beyond what are given freely to them by the people.