5th March 2008

“There is a very strong linkage between how secular a country is and how much it spends on social welfare and income redistribution.”

Gwynne Dyer

2 Responses to “5th March 2008”

  1. Chris Says:

    Common good vs. In-Group good. We have a women’s shelter in my town. All women are welcome so long as they partake of the daily prayer group. How parsimonious are the gifts from the true believers – they need spend no effort on you if you’re damned anyway. Religion numbs you to the suffering of others by telling you that there is virtue in their suffering. Mother Theresa believed this which is the reason that though her “charity” had millions, the Home for the Dying remains a squalid slum, dedicated not to healing but to the spiritual virtues of suffering.

  2. epi406 Says:

    The United States is still trying to figure this one out. Especially the distribution of wealth.