23rd April 2012

“Hundreds were in a circle [in the third-class dining saloon of the Titanic] with a preacher in the middle, praying, crying, asking God and Mary to help them. They lay there and yelled, never lifting a hand to help themselves. They had lost their own will power and expected God to do all the work for them.”

Wynn Craig Wade

3 Responses to “23rd April 2012”

  1. Defiantnonbeliever Says:

    They’re still at it as the biosphere sinks on this ship of fools. rip homo sapiens you waited too long to wake up and stop over populating and shitting in the well.

  2. R J Says:


    i completely agree with the emotional sentiment

    expressed in your post. however, my wish would

    not be , ” rest-in-peace ” ……………… rather, i

    would gleefully intone , ” NICE GOING… YA

    PUKE-BAGS !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Typical mindlessly faithful imbeciles, thinking that pray would save them. No where in the bible will you find instruction to pray in the face of danger, to pray as the boat sinks, car goes over the cliff, or whatever pickle you find yourself in.

    “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who is at work in you.” In effect, Paul is saying. “Keep on saving yourself, for God is saving you.”

    Clearly had any of these automatons even read the bible they would have known that their own instruction manual tells them to save themselves. That the very act of saving yourself is god saving you. Kind of a weird duality I know but little about religion makes sense.

    The future belongs to those willing to work to attain it and prayer ain’t work. If you depend on prayer don’t be surprised to be disappointed.

    Bunch on uneducated third class dopes!