24th April 2012

“The notion that religious medical facilities could legally allow women to die from treatable conditions inside their doors cannot be permitted in a religiously pluralistic society.”

Nancy Northup

7 Responses to “24th April 2012”

  1. R J Says:

    google ”religious medical faciolities ” to read her

    entire article………..it’s strong reading.

    this is an insane stance for the catholic church. and yet,

    the dumb bastards continue to push for the legal authority

    to refuse treatment on ” moral ” grounds………and to

    consign the patient’s fate to ” the hands of god . ”


    religion grows ever more sickening and ridiculous .

    i’d really like to SNIPER-IZE some of these jerks.

  2. Dan Says:

    It’s rather strange that religious organizations, who occasionally claim that they have a monopoly on morality, can be so markedly immoral.

  3. reetBob Says:

    Only strange if you assume that the religions are endorsed by a benevolent creator.

    If you consider religions to be an emergent phenomena of pre-scientific, superstitious communities, it’s not so strange

  4. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    That the church could take such a position is evidence of a lack of morality, virtue, ethics, et cetera.

    Add it to the pile, along side clergy abuse, teaching the starving illiterate they will go to hell if they use condoms, and the seemingly endless ugly immoralilities that explain the truth of faith.

    Faith is a barometer, if you have it you are sick. There is an inverse relationship between decency and religiosity. If your symptoms haven’t presented you are an mindless enabler, if they have you are a pervert.

  5. The Heretic Says:

    You guys are forgetting a fundamental concept. Freedom. People don’t have to go there if they don’t want to. There are always other hospitals nearby that will treat for what someone requires. What should be required is a disclaimer upon entering the hospital of treatments that are unavailable; further, they should be mandated to transfer to a place that would treat if the patient is already admitted.

  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Heretic it is people that are free, not groups, not organizations, corporations and companies.

    It is not the burden of the people to have to pick and choose from which, in this case hospital, they patronize. Particularly under the circumstance of medical emergency.

    It is the burden of the “non-human” entity to provide the community with services. If that organization doesn’t like that, it is free to operate in some other country.

    Just imagine in a life threatening situation the silliness of what you are saying!

    I know your point, the Mitt Romney’s of the world have been pushing it with silly notions that corporations are people. Ron Paul was correct in the debates when he expressed that Mitt Romney ought to give the Constitution a read.

    The document says “We the people” not “we the religious medical facilities” or we the corporations” or we the churches”. These groups serve at the pleasure of the people.

    If you believe in the philosophy of liberty you believe in self-ownership, of natural laws, of inalienable rights of the individual.

    If you don’t believe in liberty well then perhaps it is Fascism you favor, where government and big business align for mutual advantage over the governed?

    Freedom is a right possessed by people, not groups. Capitalism is only the most moral economic system when the rights of the individuals are respected over that of groups.

    Free market capitalism is a system of many buyers and many sellers. When sellers dominate markets, limiting the number of sellers, we have left the basis for which the US economy was founded upon.

  7. The Heretic Says:

    Groups, companies, hospitals, are made up and owned by people. You can patronize them, or not. That is your fundamental right. It is theirs to exist as they see fit, assuming they can make a profit at it.

    If people do not patronize them because they don’t like their business model, then the business goes out of business. Simple. Fascism is not big business and nationalism aligned. It is simply extreme nationalism, where the state controls all. Stupid argument, red herring, if you will.

    You have an interesting concept of freedom. Individuals are free as long as they do what the state tells them too. That isn’t freedom, it is Orwellian double-speak.