25th April 2012

“Let the church render to the bishop the things that are religious, and to medicine the things that are medical. If the Catholic church can't deal with science, it can go back to the Middle Ages. Hospitals can do without bishops a whole lot easier than they can without doctors and nurses.”

Recovering Catholic

2 Responses to “25th April 2012”

  1. R J Says:

    well, you see the thing is , it’s not IF the church cant

    deal with science…………..it’s that the church CANT

    deal with science. never could…..and never will .

    and, you dont have to tell the church to go BACK

    to the middle ages……..because actually it has

    NEVER LEFT the middle ages !!!

    oh, the WORLD has progressed greatly in the

    centuries since the middle ages,,,,,,but not

    the church.

    effective contraception and safe abortion have

    gravely affected the control the church once had over

    peoples’ lives. these advances were provided by

    science , to meet real human needs. the responce

    from the church remains pathetic.

    medicine, as an ever-advancing science, has NO

    use for the foolish ” moral ” hand-wringing of the


  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    You are correct R j, no group (religious, corporate, political) has any rights beyond those extend to them by the citizens. It is people who are free, people who have rights.

    To suggest that any group has any basis for justifying the denial of rights to any individual is un-American.

    Public or private, it doesn’t matter, if the group violates an individuals rights they should be disbanded and forbidden to operate in the US. This should be a zero tolerance policy!

    It is a violation of the fundamental tenets of the US Constitution to elevate any group’s rights above the individual.

    “We the People”