16th June 2012

“Offending fundamentalists is not my goal but if it's an inevitable side effect of opposing their ridiculous ideas then fine, so be it.”

Johann Hari

5 Responses to “16th June 2012”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    It’s almost impossible to avoid offending fundamentalists–all you have to do is to make evidence-based statements.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Given the number of ways that fundamentalists, of all stripes, have offended me in my lifetime, frankly, I’ve long ago said “screw it” on this score. Offending fundamentalists has become at least a secondary goal as far as I’m concerned, and a primary one when they try to impose their viewpoint on my laws and/or life.

  3. TIGERLILY Says:

    I have just discovered this daily quote and have enjoyed both of your comments.

    ” Keep thy religion to thyself ” said Mark Twain.

  4. Xhim Says:

    Try to see it from our side, though. If I have found something really super, it is natural to want to pass it on. If I had the cure for cancer in a bottle and kept it to myself, that would be irresponsible and selfish.
    I do have to admit that some of my co-believers are annoying, even more than annoying. If it’s obvious someone is not interested, he should be allow to be left in peace. For this reason – and also because it is obviously counter-productive – I regret and am embarrassed by my annoying brethren.
    I may be annoying myself, but I really try not to be.

  5. kittie aldakkour Says:

    I see offensive stuff posted all the time and sometimes it just pisses me off and I have to respond. One friend was congratulating her parents on their long marriage, but couldn’t just stop there. She had to go on to say that sins of the parents are passed on for three generations – says so in the bible…so you better hope your parents were as good as hers… another said you should put jesus first in your life to be good – what the hell does that even mean? How do you put an imaginary friend first – who you have to do all the work for in the relationship, and where does that leave your baby, husband or dog for that matter… I pass a church sign everyday that says something like…absence of faith = destructiveness – to which I think… I am not destructive to anything because I don’t believe or can’t believe…. How is it acceptable to make such irresponsible statements?