23rd June 2012

“I can make the distinction between Islam and patriarchal culture. But your average lad on the street won't worry about which bit comes from scripture. It's loaded in his favour.”

Khadijah (UK muslim)

5 Responses to “23rd June 2012”

  1. R J Says:

    oh puke

    this is a sad world.

  2. kittie aldakkour Says:

    I always heard growing up – “It’s a man’s world”… that same saying goes for all the major religions and some of the stranger minor ones too.

  3. TIGERLILY Says:


  4. The Heretic Says:

    So, what he is saying is the average Muslim knows about as much about the Koran (sp?) as the average Christian knows about the Bible. Great! And on top of all that – the Muslim patriarchal culture is a throw back to savage cave dwellers. Let’s just run right out and have a logical discussion with the lot of them.

  5. John Says:

    still… it is all in what the preachers tells them!