26th June 2012

“The idea that life began by magic a few thousand years ago is entirely absurd – yet believers, of whatever persuasion, insist on its truth. This does no harm to science, but to my secular eyes seems to do immense damage to religion itself.”

Professor Steve Jones

6 Responses to “26th June 2012”

  1. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    If the guy voting for stem cell research believes this, and refuses to fund or even allow studies of the subject, then we do get some harm. How many brilliant minds were just shut down in their thinking – accepting everything as “gods will” instead of digging for explanations and truth. I am still waiting for religion to damage itself enough to go away… I know – Joel Osteen just invented a newer brighter shinier version to carry on!

  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Kittie, doesn’t it seem like the human species should have already left superstitution behind? Like, if people in this day and age are still believing in the supernatural, doesn’t that mean we as humans are closer to the ape ‘evolutionary speaking’ than we’d like to accept? Hang with me here:

    Religionistas frequently show disdain at the notion that humans are descendant of apes, but maybe that is all a psychological light/dark side thing. Maybe the Religionistas are onto to something? Like who came up with the whole Planet of the Apes concept anyway?

    It might just be that Religionistas also know we are descendant of primates they just have some sort of bizarre ape phobia thing so that instead of admitting the truth they know, they made up this whole ghost/god nonsense. I can see Charlton Heston cursing the “damned dirty apes” as I type this.

    It may very well be “thee great bigotry”! No not like the nastiness targeted at dark skinned humans, or at the non-penis humans, but instead a deep hatred for apes.

    For folks like us who don’t have this weird anti-ape bias we simply choose to ignore the ape, or maybe visit apes at the zoo. Sure we don’t lie down with them, we don’t engage them romantically, or castigate them for their often brutish behavior. I’m not saying they are friends or enemies, they are just apes.

    Think about it. The whole slippery slope thing. You know like how Religionistas frequently rip on gay folks getting married. Like if that’s allowed people will be wanting to marry their pets?

    Well I wonder is the illogical behavior really just overcompensating for something? Maybe the Religionistas secretly want sex with apes? Publicly they deny any and all things ape. They look down their noses at atheists and say things like “if you wanna believe you are some great grandchild of an ape go ahead”, they have manufactured an astonishing menagerie of ceremonial pomp and circumstance, and this nutty story of god and the devil and dont forget angels? Think about the pervert Ted Haggard, concealing his lust for young Asian boys behind his bible. Bible redirects good people’s attention away from the freshly lubed up scphincter Ted is stuffing his baloney into.

    So much of the Religionistas existence involves sex and punishment. Maybe they are all just perverts dealing with tsunamis of phobia and guilt. Denying science and reason helps them with the pseudo-realities they manufacture to deal with their desire to plow their way into the back side of an evil ape? Light/dark, man/ape, good/evil. It sure explains why they don’t like black people, gay and bi people, non-penis people.

    Or maybe not? Ah forget the whole thing.

  3. Atheist MC Says:

    If life began Billions of years ago, life probably evolved. If life evolved there was no Garden of Eden, no Adam, no Original Sin and therefore no need of redemption making Jesus’ cruci-fiction pointless. At least that’s why Christians cling to creationism IMHO. Why Muslims do is less clear to me as apart from the Qu’ranic literalism thing it’s not such a theological showstopper.

  4. Jeff Says:


    Eight paragraphs of a rambling quasi-conspiracy theory about the secret desires of the religious, and then “forget it”? Are you kidding? FORGET THE WHOLE THING? Or should that really have been written as Forget the HOLE thing?

    Just turnin’ your crank, sir.

    The evil is not in their denial of evolution (although that hurts a bunch of people, too) but in their denial that mankind might just have something to say about climate change. That’s the one that’s going to kill my (sometime soon I hope) grandchildren.

  5. Sinjin Smythe Says:


    Yes I had to pour that out onto the screen for your benefit, and Dan’s, and R j, AMC, and the rest of us that have been stopping by for a while. And also to Kittie and some of the recent additions to our merry band.

    If I got a laugh or a “what the heck” then I’ve accomplished my goal.

    I had a pretty heavy party weekend with an old friend and I was in a silly post party haze and sometimes that kind of stuff just spills out of me.

    If I fell flat it is in my silly little narrative is nothing like the religionistas silliness, but that strikes me as funny too.

    Thank you Jeff!

  6. Shakira Milroy Says:

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