29th June 2012

“Christianity has always been more about money than morals. The second largest house in every parish is the rectory and the occupant was almost always the second son of the biggest house.”


2 Responses to “29th June 2012”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Anon’s got this one wrong, actually. While the house was the second largest, it was usually the third son who was it’s occupant. The first inherited the manor, the second went to the military, and the third was the clergyman. Of course, then the English clergy became middle class, and the manors became the signs of the land poor gentry, and the middle class got uppity during the Industrial Revolution, and the whole system got messed up…

  2. Dave Kilby Says:

    Actually, Christianity is more about power than money. Not that money isn’t a fairly close second,