1st July 2012

“You have to question the authority of any religion that discourages discourse. It is only in total isolation that a religion is able to practice the kind of mind control necessary to keep the sheep in line.”


5 Responses to “1st July 2012”

  1. Xhim Says:

    I have to agree. That’s why I like conversing with y’all!

  2. TIGERLILY Says:

    Baa , baa says the faithful flock.

  3. archaeopteryx Says:

    Perhaps one should question the authority of any organisation that discourages mind control, though I’d probably exempt armed forces in action.

  4. archaeopteryx Says:

    Whoops, change discourages to encourages in previous post, please!

  5. TIGERLILY Says:

    Thanks !
    You had me worried there.