6th July 2012

“Religions are ideas, which should not be accorded automatic respect. Like all ideas they should be challenged, probed, and tested. With ideas, only the fittest should survive.”


8 Responses to “6th July 2012”

  1. Dan Says:

    This is so obvious that needing to say it to a person thoroughly disproves any notion that that person is intelligent and self-aware.

  2. Jeff Says:


    It is truly unfortunate that our schools have become so intent on turning out good worker bees who know how to follow instructions that they have forgotten that the primary purpose of education is to teach conscious human beings how to THINK. Besides which, the religionistas would reply that if only the fittest survive, then ideas must evolve, and therefore it cannot be true. Ideas must remain as God created them, just as flora and fauna do.

  3. Xhim Says:

    Interesting thought, Jeff. Most ideas do indeed evolve. But isn’t the conclusion generally that the early forms were untrue, or at least inadequate? This idea of evolving ideas is, BTW, rather similar to the theological concept of progressive revelation, I think.

  4. Dan Says:

    So you think that revelation isn’t total BS? Please explain.

  5. Steve Bowen Says:

    Ideas don’t have to be correct to be fit enough to survive. We wouldn’t be having this conversation otherwise.

  6. Xhim Says:

    Dan, I’m a “religionista.” I believe in God, whom I have subjectively experienced. Now, building on the assumption that God exists at all, by definition he is greater than, separate from outside of his creation. Therefore he can only be experienced or known on his own terms, i.e. revelation. In my particular tradition, that revelation has taken place in three primary ways: 1. nature (general revelation) 2. specific communications (prophets) and 3. the Incarnation, i.e. God becoming man in Jesus. All of these together don’t reveal God in his totality, since our minds are too small to wrap around it anyway, but they are enough for us to make a start with him.
    If there is no God, obviously there is no one to be revealed. If there is God but no revelation, then God is irrelevant because we can’t do anything about it anyway. But if God exists, and has revealed himself to his creatures, then things start to get interesting.

  7. Carbon14 Says:

    Ideas that pass from person to person are the best ideas in a Darwinian memetic sense, but unfortunately they don’t always correspond to reality.

    We need to try to prevent the spread of poor ideas both to and from other people. We should actively and passively challenge all points of view including our own.

  8. Dan Says:

    Sorry for the delay of my response – I was on vacation for the weekend – but that all sounds like a rationalized defense of replacing knowledge with imagination.