24th July 2012

“The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself.”

Richard Francis Burton1821 – 1890

7 Responses to “24th July 2012”

  1. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    If I read one more stupid post about how freaking good god is – because of all the miracles surrounding the Aurora, Colorado shooting – I am going to explode.

  2. TIGERLILY Says:

    I , me , my mine —– man’s primary preoccupation.

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Kittie the problem with those dead people is they didn’t pray hard enough. The people that lived were really praying hard, yea thats the ticket.

    Besides it is all part of this sick plan held by a psychopathic supernatural, all-being, master of time, space, and dimension.

    Same with Jesus, had he prayed harder he’d still be with us.

  4. Jeff Says:


    Jesus final prayer: “Oh God, why have you forsaken me?” Liberally translated: “Dad, this hurts a whole sh*t load, can we get this over with?” After all, he’d hung there a whole morning, wasn’t that enough, instead of the days that most humans took in executions by that method.

  5. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    Yes Sinjin, that is the implication isn’t it. These same people will believe that when the one female victim was forming in the womb, god looked into the future and could see this happening, being all powerful, and all knowing he inserted a deformity in her brain that would give a path to the bullet that he would later allow to hit her in the face. Yet these same people will refuse to even consider that the same god created gay people just the way they are too. Nuts! How they find confirmation of a god in an event like that is the real miracle….

  6. Jerry Says:

    It has always seemed obvious to me that if there were an all powerful god, it would not NEED or WANT to be worshipped.

  7. The Heretic Says: