15th March 2008

“Using the power of the pulpit to urge people to stay away from the ballot box is not a religious act, but an anti-democratic one.”

Editorial, IHT

One Response to “15th March 2008”

  1. Renshia Says:

    Yes but I am sure I saw an article where a leader of an atheist groups was encouraging this same thing in the current presidential elections in the US
    …. At times we all let passion over ride reason it would seem.
    But then after I saw that George was elected for a second time I new that the democratic process was just a farce anyways. There is no way that there were enough people down there that were that stupid as to allow him to maintain power. One more thing I will just have to believe by looking at the evidence at hand. But then again I might be wrong.. nobody seems to be impeaching the bast ard.