21st August 2012

“Now, it seems, the 'religious right' thinks they own the word marriage. But, it's not about religion. Marriage is a civil contract that affords certain rights and privileges under the law. If marriage were about religion, we would go to the church to obtain a marriage license and not to our county clerk's office, wouldn't we? If someone chooses to make marriage be a part of his or her personal religious doctrine, that's fine. But don't assume it's about religion for everyone.”

Doug Roper

6 Responses to “21st August 2012”

  1. R J Says:

    I despise weddings and funerals…….totally puke

    ceremonies. however, i am kind of a mushy romantic,

    and i like the IDEA of marriage.

    i also like the idea of common-law marriage. i think that

    if 2 people want to commit to each other, no ceremony

    (( or paper )) will make that commitment any stronger

    or more real .

    i looked up the ”dearly beloved ” speech, and those words

    are fulla stuff about god, and holy this and that. pure puke.

    i mean marriage is pretty much ” going steady ” …………

    on a somewhat more intense level !!!!!

    but drag religion into it, and things REALLY get


  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Martin Luther said that marriage is an earthly matter subject to the prince, not the pope.

    When I think of the largely protestant oriented religious right and their opposition to gay marriage I can’t help but to think they don’t even understand their own faith.

  3. John Says:

    When people are convinced they are privileged and their rights trump yours… injustice knows no bounds.

  4. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    I had a J.P. marry us at a friends house. My significant other was in the military – they don’t let you live in housing or many other benefits without marriage. We had been living together prior to his joining. Fifteen years and two kids later….
    If you are going to have kids with someone, I recommend it. If not who cares?
    Socially there is something to all the poverty and crime that comes out of single mother households… so for that reason, when kids are involved get married before having them.. they deserve a two parent household.

  5. R J Says:


    thank you. i had not thought about that………

    but i think you’re right…..and agree.

  6. The Heretic Says:

    Marriage is a financial contract with the one of the goals being provision for any children that occur. In years past, it was a way to ally families, tribes, countries, whatever. The recent notion of marriage for love has distorted the original concept of financial contract, right up until you want a divorce and then it hits you right between your eyes and subsequently in your pocketbook. Religion just co-opted this, like they co-opt pagan holidays and everything else. If they are not in the middle of things they are not happy. What else is new?