17th September 2012

“Not so very long ago and for the great majority of Irish people, their Catholicism was synonymous with their national identity. To be Irish was to be Catholic. It was something of which most Irish were very proud. In the latter part of the 19th century, the church grew to become the most powerful civic institution on the island, controlling most of Ireland's schools and the greater number of its hospitals. This allowed the church unparalleled influence throughout most of the 20th century in what is now known as the Republic of Ireland. That continued to be the case until the latter decades of the last century when its influence began to wane due to increased affluence and a better-educated population. With the events of the last few years, church leaders can no longer ignore the extent to which they've lost control of Irish society.”

Patsy McGarry

7 Responses to “17th September 2012”

  1. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    Where I live it is the Hispanics that are Catholic. Of course some don’t like the term “Hispanic” as they call themselves “Mexican”… Whatever they call themselves – they all are Catholic. I saw something so funny the other day – If I was a phone/camera person I could have posted it. It was a truck with those nude outline posed girls on the mudflaps, and on the tailgate between them was a huge “Our Lady of Guadalupe” decal… Redneck Mexicans –

  2. R J Says:

    oh, and not to mention the local irish butt-rammer

    priests who’ve done so much to make the church image

    so nice and shiny !!!


    thanks for the support in your Sept 15th post at 317…………….

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Kittie I always get a laugh out of those chrome silhouettes of a naked girl. I can’t help but to imagine the trucker toying with thoughts of his coolness, thinking he’s a player, sitting at the truck stop counter chewing down some salty greasy slop with a cup of crap coffee, his fat arse hanging off the edge of the stool that is looking like is is about to give out under the weight of his carcas. Yea he just stopped in for some food and fuel but he picked up a Playboy too. Lady killer he is. Hey a pack of smokes completes the image, the very personification of cool. Oh yea, he smells like excrement because he has trouble wiping his arse and his breath stinks because bruising his teeth is for sissies. Lady killer!

    As for today’s quote it lacks the real reason the church fell out of favor. Attributing it to rising affluence and education is not the primary reason. Ireland has had far more of its fair share of clergy child sexual abuse problems. Ask just about any Irish person for a pervert priest joke and you will get more than you expect. Irish priests have demonstrated the true nature of priest culture overtly and nearly openly.

    This fact become apparent in all places when the church gains great influence. Mexican children are being abused right now by priests. Over the next few years we are going to see and hear of children being rapes all over the Hispanic world.

    It isn’t just the filthy low Christian clergy either. As media reaches further into places that were never really reported on well we are going to hear about the perversions of the unclean Rabbi and Imams too.

    Media will bring us to the tipping point, it will show religion for what it truly is. One day soon the great multitudes of religious tag-a-longs will begin to view their association with religion as the Irish now do.

  4. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    “Pedophiles cluster in professions that give them access to vulnerable children—teaching, the clergy, medicine.”

    Read more http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/atlarge/2012/09/24/120924crat_atlarge_gladwell#ixzz26k1zi5dF

  5. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    you may already know about this guy, but if not his story is spot on for what you say, and a huge indictment of the “community” of supporters.

    I found him on YouTube under Child Molesting Priest Leads to “Shattered’Faith”- William Lobdell – that will get you a 5 minute clip of the story I am talking about, the link to the full story is http://fora.tv/2009/03/25/Losing_Religion_William_Lobdell

    R J – you are welcome. You made a better point than I could. I will be using your argument next time I encounter this topic with my “holier than thou” pious friends… Pro choice – can always mean Pro-Life for the individual.

  6. Kittie Aldakkour Says:

    Thanks for the laugh – your visual was completely accurate for all the new oilfield “Bubbas” driving around here now.. Have you ever seen a truck with a set of chrome balls swinging from the hitch? Passed that on my way to dropping my daughter at school today. Can’t imagine the insecurity that goes into that purchase. I find they have an endless supply of adoring women… themselves steeped in stupidity as they strut around in their playboy halter top and bunny tattoo distorted by the muffin top bulging from beneath their crop tops.

    Having worked in dentistry to put myself through college, I can tell you that many of these macho men have rotten teeth because they are afraid of the dentist.

  7. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    From the other day, September 15th. The survey highlighting the hypocrisy of born-agains, evangelicals, and catholics.

    I though the survey makes abundantly clear that religion holds no authority on morality, virtue, or ethics. This claim seems to be the single most significant example of “repeating something enough and people will take it as fact”.

    The reality, for anyone willing to acknowledge the rape, murder, cheating, warring, committed by the clergy and their flock that has surrounded religion over the many thousands of years Religion is the original snake oil scam and bears no resembelance to anything moral, just or decent.

    R j your point is perhaps my favorite you have made since I’ve been reading your posts. As I’ve posted about the history of abortion and infanticide the religious objection was always centered around the near birth or delivered infant. The revulsion people had at finding dead infants, or what appeared to be dead infants (aborted late term pregnancies), is what drove the antiabortion position from its early days.

    Early term, where a woman’s condition didn’t appear on the radar scope because no one knew or could tell. The religious right should acknowledge this reality because what drives their position isn’t something found in religion or religious law. The driver is the heartache and saddness any rational person has at finding a dead infant.

    There is “shame” on all sides of all the arguments and we shouldn’t allow “shame” to dictate policy on anything. Honor and pride are manifestations of the human ego. Immature and misguided behavior.

    Their is no “shame”, or there shouldn’t be, in aborting a pregnancy or having a child out of wedlock. There is something that surely lacks anything moral in forcing a woman to become pregnant against her wishes, something that lacks any level ethics in insisting that a woman forced into becoming pregnant to deliver an unwanted child. There is a lack of sophistication bordering on blatant ignorance in thinking that an embryo or an early stage fetus, developing is necessarily murdered for having its development stopped. If there were then it would be god himself that is the greatest of all murderes for stopping the development of more unborn children than mankind has by an order of magnitude.

    We all want simple answers but all the answers can’t be simple, except for the simple-minded. What one person calls murder another calls mercy and yet another calls punishment and another calls a choice. They all estinguish a life so no catch-all “abortion is murder” claim is reliable.

    Paul Ryan’s position is flatly simple-minded! Pandering to the uninformed. This same joker would be first to point out the Democrat pandering to the inner city poor with false promises only to pander to the Tea Party simpletons with his illogical position on abortion.

    What kind of punishment is it to stop the development of an embryo or an early stage fetus? Clearly as the survey says religionistas have little hesitation with regard to early stage abortions, they get those all the time. Quietly, indiscretly, and that is somehow OK, because it isn’t from the eyes of the all seeing, almighty that we are trying to hide our indescretions.

    So lets be fair, lets be honest, we are all pro-choice when it is our choice. The problem is always when it is someone else’s choice that we take some idiotic pseudo-moral high ground.

    Mercy is something we accept on the battlefield when we give a soldier a fatal dose of morphine, we should understand that when we decide not to put our lives at risk in having an unwanted pregnancy, we should understand that when we don’t want to bring into this world another unwanted child, we should remember that when we put the tortured mind of the murderer to death. Mercy is a vital quality of our humanity.

    Innocence has nothing to do with mercy. The most innocent unborn child will never deserve being brought up unwanted. It is no condemnation to be spared a life unwanted. It is an expression of mercy. Don’t agree? Visit with some inmates, find out a little about their lives, about their upbringing, ask them what life condemed to prison is like. Asks them if they’d wished they’d never been born!

    It just begs the question “what kind of morals would a person have to force a raped woman to endure the life event of child birth, to have and be responsible for an unwanted child, or to put up for adoption a child they were forced to carry and deliver and then have to live with the possibility of that child seeking answers twenty years down the road?” Seems to me this kind of person would have to have the morals the Bible is infamous for?