23rd September 2012

“Why should state-funded schools be allowed to promote a particular faith rather than educate children to understand and respect all faiths so they well able to live in our diverse, multi-cultural society?”

Mary Bousted

2 Responses to “23rd September 2012”

  1. R J Says:

    why indeed……….

  2. Kittie Says:

    I support that – heck I am doing it… I teach my kids about all the religions I know just enough about to dislike…lol

    multi-cultural… that exists on tv…

    In my town there are hispanics – two types, the Americanized english speaking – no spanish jalepeno hating americans – second third and beyond generation… mixed with whites so much you can’t tell they are hispanic at all. Then there are the ones who came here illegally, but since have been granted a stay due to one of the amnesty programs and a lawyer… they have kids in school but do not socialize or stick around at school functions. They are darker and have a little bit more native features.. Then you have whites… we have one family with a couple of chinese girls (adopted) and an Indian family run the local motel 6. There are basically two cultures. The whites and white/hispanics and all others, and the Hispanics.
    Socialization is minimal between kids of those two groups in spite of all the social engineering. People gravitate towards people like themselves. So yes, I see them all the time but do I socialize with them… nope. nor they me.