26th September 2012

“Young Americans are dropping out of religion at an alarming rate of five to six times the historic rate.”

Robert D. Putnam

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  1. r j Says:


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  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Surprise surprise?

  4. Kittie Says:

    yes, but at what rate are more of them being sucked into the more viral “evangelical” sect?

  5. Capt'Z Says:

    That made me laugh out loud on two levels. Five or six times the historic rate. There’s a historic rate? Awesome. Alarming? Hardly!

  6. Jeff Says:

    Kittie and RJ: Just posted at the end of the 24th re: Krauthammer’s assertions.

    Moderator: once more nothing for the 27th.

  7. R J Says:

    jeff at 9/27 at 1758

    you’re probably right.

    kittie & jeff…………………….sometimes a daily quote goes missing.

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    addresses if we want to get in touch other than QOTD.

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  8. kittie Says:

    Thanks RJ

    I am kitaldakkour@gmail.com
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  9. kittie Says:

    Jeff on the 24th discussion:

    Obama’s address to the UN was good. If we allow exceptions though for “hate speech” we open the door for any group to censor any other group by claiming to be offended.

    Also see YouTube’s “Obama Makes Free Speech a Felony” when he signed an anti-protest bill thereby insulating politicians and himself from those who would protest.

    He already has trampled on free speech a bit – but time will tell if he does it more. I will remain open minded about this… I am a bit biased when it comes to Dr. Krauthammer… (secret crush)