30th September 2012

“Whenever we teach our children that groundless faith is a virtue, we pave the way for groundless violence.”

Carrie Poppy

6 Responses to “30th September 2012”

  1. Kittie Says:

    We completely hobble their ability to think critically about anything.

  2. r j Says:

    too, too true.

    (( admin…..apologies for deleted material 9/29 ))

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    If we hope to expect the best of our children, we simply must give them the best foundation for those expectations to stand upon.

    Faith and $2.19 will get you a large Dunkin Donuts coffee and coincidently so will faith and violence.

    Either way faith adds nothing to the acquisition of the coffee, except perhaps an excuse for the violence: “uh-EE, da, god told me to hold up the Dunkin Donuts”. You know in case you get caught you can claim insanity without claiming insanity.

  4. Kittie Says:

    R J – You are so funny when you are bad! There is an author who has taken them on and written a book about them. I need to look up what her name is, but she has their number. They teach kids things like – gays are going to burn in the fire pits of hell. Jesus loves you.! An how they “belong” to god… I grew up having that crap shoved down my throat.. It didn’t take for some reason (personality disorder or something)… lol… I didn’t get the “faith” gene.

    Now as for Dunkin Donuts – They make a freakin awesome Keurig coffee and – my favorite donut they make is the white cream or chocolate cream filled donut with powdered sugar on the outside. Not the pudding one, but the frosting made from lard and sugar… haven’t had one in years.. Krispy Kreme just doesn’t do it for me… Thanks Sinjin – I will now be rumaging for something to satisfy my donut craving….

  5. R J Says:

    well kittie……..

    it’s actually a GOOD thing you didnt get the faith gene…..which i think

    probably means you never had it anyway…again, good.

    having a MIND is really a blessing…..but deluding yourself with,

    so called , faith, is not.

    p.t. barnum could’ve been speaking of the faithful when he

    said there’s one born every minute.

    i just finished a book called ” Losing my Religion.”

    let me re-phrase that…. i read the first 3 chapters, hated the

    writing, skipped to and read the last chapter, then went back and read

    the last 2-3 pages of each chapter in between. it’s a good

    quick way to get a fairly accurate over-view without wading thru the


    NUTSHELL : the guy tried to hold onto faith , couldnt do it,

    and walked away……….and felt better for doing that.

    his two strongest insights were (( my opinion ))

    1) there is no god

    2) death is the end of conciousness

    as i say, the writing is suck (( and this guy’s a journalist ))

    but the story is somewhat up-lifting in that he was able to

    give up the fairie stories……and not look back……or, well,

    ALmost not look back………….his final words are ”god help me.”

    which i thought was kinda like a loud fart at the end of the

    Allelujiah Chorus !!

    check it out if you feel like it.

  6. Kittie Says:

    R J – that is the book by that guy William Lobdell I wrote about a couple of days or so ago. His writing sucks… too bad. I watched him speaking on youtube clips and he was quite entertaining. I have read a couple of books about people loosing religion and during the middle sometimes they do tend to bog down a bit. It is like the publisher says “we need 300 pages” and they try to fill it up. I like Sam Harris’ books that are short sweet and to the point. Say what it needs to and get it over with. Don’t put a bunch of filler. Sam has the right idea on books and length… Letter to a Christian nation… short – the one about lying – short. Your addition to the post from yesterday was what really got me laughing!