11th October 2012

“Christianity has fought, still fights, and will fight science to the desperate end over evolution, because evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason Jesus' earthly life was supposedly made necessary. Destroy Adam and Eve and the original sin, and in the rubble you will find the remains of the son of god.”

Richard Bozarth

7 Responses to “11th October 2012”

  1. Dan Says:

    Of course Christianity (and Islam) do this. They have to – religion cannot be successful AND accept critical analysis of real questions. It has to choose.

  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I think this is why most atheists aren’t new atheists, they simply understand that the case for faith is looking sillier every day.

    Most atheists know that the ignorant masses will figure it out eventually so why go to the trouble trying to usher them into the obvious.

    New atheists sense the dangers of faith and seek to bring the ignorant masses to the logical conclusionis sooner rather than later.

    “I’d love to change the world, but I don’t know what to do, so I leave it up to you”

  3. Kittie Says:

    What is a little discomforting to me now though is the “new christian”…

    Don’t know how many of you live amoungst the “faithful” as I do, but many of my intelligent friends have just made up new rules and use “faith” to back them up.

    EX: We had a friend murdered yesterday here in S. Texas. He was the founder of one of the off-shoots from the Trinity Baptist Church – they had disagreements in the 80’s and started a new branch. He was found shot in the head – domestic violence drugs/guy on the run from San Antonio did it… In discussing this, I have one friend who is so intellectually lazy that she just wants to be told what to believe ask if this was the devil’s work. She wondered if his death was on “god’s time”… then she wondered if he was afraid to die and said that since she had gotten more religious herself she had become more afraid of death…. Imagine me smirking in the back seat…(we are at car pickup waiting for our kids). I tossed in my opinion that fear of death was directly related to how much you buy into “the hell torture” portion of christianity..I was just about to ask chicken little what she feared about the memories of the time before she was born….but before I could… I could tell I had really pissed off my new christian friend who very authoritarianly stated that it was a matter of FAITH and SHE believes that GOD only counts your RIGHTEOUS acts… and pays no attention to the bad stuff…. She said this is her interpretation – meaning – DON’T QUESTION MY AUTHORITY TO BELIEVE WHAT I WANT TO AND PASS IT OFF AS FAITH…… my response…..Wow – look here come the kids…

    I am seeing this new “My interpretation” which means you don’t have an argument against their version… as they wrote it…. and label it as right.

  4. RJ Says:


    i dont know how you put up with that stuff.

    i would have to get somewhere else……….fast.

  5. Sinjin Smythe Says:


    Massachusetts residents want the world to think they are the brightest people on Earth. Except silly things like this happen:

    After arrest, Church of the End Times pastor carries on
    End Times followers embrace message


  6. Jeff Says:

    I hate to be the skunk at the garden party, but this crap is not going away by chance, folks. Reasoning is hard. It’s work, that uses actual calories in the brain. People don’t want to reason because believing is so much easier, and until they are shown that their belief is contra-survival they will not give it up. Most people have to be trained in reasoning, and that’s where the factory model of education is at its absolute worst.

  7. Kittie Says:

    I do RJ….. I come here and I talk to you all….

    And Jeff dear – I am funky with skunky.