12th October 2012

“Loving your neighbour as yourself probably does not mean trying to get people executed for gay sex, and yet so many professed Christians in Africa think it does.”

Roz Kaveney

5 Responses to “12th October 2012”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Preferences. No where in the human experiences do preferences garner such attention.

    What necessity any person has to get involved in the “behind closed doors” of another I can’t understand.

    Few hetersexual people would go to their death if given the option of gay sex or death.

    From that do we presume everyone is essentially bisexual?

    Before you answer, do you really care?

  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Hey Dan, 51% sheep and goat milk: Where do you stand?

  3. Jeff Says:

    Frankly, Sinjin, any reasonable person would conclude that upon the basis of romantic love, bi is the only way to be. Look at it: if there is one, and only one, person in the world that’s just right for you, then by going bi, regardless of your sex, you’ve doubled your chances. And if there are more than one, then the search becomes that much more fun!

  4. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    You are right Jeff. I still have a homophobic demon I’m dealing with, all that societal programming, machismo has led me to expressing myself poorly at times. I know you have picked up on it at times. I apologize because, while not overtly or purposefully, I know I’ve said things that struck a nerve with you. I like you and I don’t mean to have done that.

    Also I have a few male freinds, one in particular, that I do feel very deeply for. Not in a sexual way, it just doesn’t dawn on me to think of them that way, but to say it is anyting other than to die for you love would be dishonest.

    Strange that the act has so much impact of just living our lives.

    The “one person” for me in this world isn’t a man but that doesn’t make it any easier for me. She is a lesbian. It is just as awkward to hold her in my arms and kiss her as it is to do the same with a man. I don’t want it to be, it just is. Like my male friends for whom I have deep feelings it is the same, awkward, uncomfortable.

    I have many times attempted to dream up a compelling argument, a persuasive rationale to explain to her that we are just two people, that what separates us anatomically shouldn’t matter, that at the heart of it all we are humans and the same.

    She will accept my hugs and even kiss me, but something isn’t there. For her I’m not a person, I’m a man, and there is a difference.

    The same difference that exists between me and another man, I’m not a person but a man.

    I think that even were I to get sexually reassigned that something would still be there, in the way of intimacy.

    This girl has occupied my thoughts every day for the last 44 years. I met her when I was 4. I remember the first time I ever saw her as clearly as any memory I have. Relationships always fail for me because they aren’t with her.

    This is perhaps my biggest weakness, my greatest fault. I’m not depressed as one might think. I’m a very happy person. I have great children, a wonderful family, and life is good for me.

    This is just that one thing I really wanted and the one thing I can never have.

    So we check in with each other, we make plans to see each other, and we have shared all of this with each other. She knows exactly how I feel. She told me once if she ever could have a relationship with a man, that I’d be the man and she reiterates that from time to time. Sometimes I kiss her on the mouth when she says that. Its always like kissing a guy.

    I know, I’m a really odd duck!

  5. Kittie Says:

    Well that was interesting to say the least. Write a love story only give it a happy ending. Since you were 4…. my son is 4 now and the only girl he loves is me… or so I think… occasionally he expresses love for his sister when she has something to share. I am sure I will be looking at his little friends differently now … thanks Sinjin