16th October 2012

“The lack of women in any kind of equal leadership role throughout history exposes religion as a patriarchal invention to legitimize male dominance and power.”

Nickolas Conrad

6 Responses to “16th October 2012”

  1. Kittie Says:

    This fact seems to be lost of the vast majority of religious men.. The ones in my family come to mind… My father-in-law wanted to know what I had against teaching my daughter religious beliefs and I told him I didn’t want her growing up thinking she was anyone’s “rib”…. or that she should be submissive to men… her soul wasn’t worth as much as a man’s… etc….
    My father-in -law then bragged to me that his religion treated women the fairest of them all… He is Greek Orthodox…

    I can hear the laughter from here…..

  2. Dan Says:

    Greek Orthodox treating women as equal? Bullshit. In many Orthodox churches the women still have to sit at the back, separately from their husbands who sit at the front during a Sunday service.

  3. The Heretic Says:

    Muslims believe that they have more respect for their women than other religions as well. Furthermore, their women are some of the worst perpetrators when it comes to enforcing the barbaric rules set on women of that culture. Sort of a culture-wide Stockholm Syndrome if you ask me.

  4. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    The “patriarchal invention” in today’s quote seems to speak to extortion, where men have cast women as limited in cognitive capacity thereby justifying paternalism.

    From religious paternalism we find an unending stream of biblical reference that suggest the shortcomings of women. There is this presumption that women, free to choose their own destinies as men, would devolve in prostitutes.

    In this sense, subjugating women is a “protection racket” that operates on the sick notion that men are somehow protecting women from the shame.

    Men, as boys, get their self-esteem (usually) from their Mother. Girls grow up wanting to be like their Mother, boys grow up wanting to please their Mother. Instilled in nearly all men is a stronger sense of need with regard to being appreciated and valued.

    This lack of appreciation or value leads men to feel disconnected or as failures. Men often take very literally the slightest critique.

    Religion is precisely a patriarchal defense mechanism designed to conceal mens weaknesses in the face of women who can so easily skewer the male ego.

    Think: “Oh, you have a really small penis”.

  5. Jeff Says:

    I’m not sure we really want to go down this road, but think of the difference in outcome from Sinjin’s last statement and the following:

    Think: “Girl, if that that thing got any looser, I could drive my MINI Cooper in there and not need a car wash.”

    Which speaker is going to get laid again first?

  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Well to be specific rape is only getting laid to one, never both. I think we know which one.