31st October 2012

“If God is incomprehensible to man, it would seem rational never to think of Him at all.”

Jean Meslier1664 – 1729

9 Responses to “31st October 2012”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I never do think of him! Heck! I have never thought of him even once.

    What I do think of is all those mindless Religionistas who make it their mission to explain god to me and why I need to buy into belief.

    I find religion incomprehensible.

  2. Kittie Says:

    I can’t “choose to believe” for some reason that mechanism is broke in me.
    So incomprehensible is about as close as I get to accepting it.
    What I find irrational is wishing god were real. Then nothing would make sense.

  3. Capt'Z Says:

    What about all those people who ‘have a personal relationship with God’? I imagine that it’s a bit like ‘having a personal relationship’ with a pet rock. Except, of course, that rocks are real.

    I do wonder what happens when these folks pray. I’m sure some of them actually do think they receive a response. They think they are ‘blessed’ but it’s probably more rational to call it clinical psychosis. And given that there are SO many of them, it’s frustrating and sad to see. Drugs will make you hear things that aren’t there too.

    Now this wouldn’t be so bad if that little voice always told them to love their neighbor as they love themselves. A lot of the time that voice confirms for them their own hatreds and justifies poor treatment of disfavored groups. They must be right to hate gays, Jews, atheists, whomever… God TOLD ’em to!

  4. Jeff Says:

    Oh, I give him a passing thought and even a mention now and then – you know, just after the wrench slipped off the recalcitrant bolt, resulting in bloodied knuckles on my right hand, and usually followed by a request for something or someone to be selected for punishment.

    You know, as I recall it was a particularly speedy acid which told me that Jerry Garcia was God, but I got over it the next morning when the acid wore off, or was that when the headphones slipped off my head? Could it be that they’re all just naturally tripping?

  5. R J Says:

    kittie…….. RE yesterday at 315

    yeah, i know. ya gotta make allowances for your friends. it gets dicey

    when sometimes you see so many good qualities in someone , and they’re

    stuck on belief…..but we deal with it.

    it would be a signal honor to share some wine with you…and who knows (( ?? ))

    one day that might happen !!

    carry on, my little pal.

  6. R J Says:

    i dont think god is at all incomprehensible……

    it’s loads of fun for the religionistas to run around telling each other that man

    is incapable of understanding ”true perfection” or ”the perefect mind”

    or ”god’s plan” or some other non-sense…………..when in fact, EVERY sunday

    they all get ntogether and listen to their priest or pastor give them a weekly

    interpretation of just what god is A) all about or
    B) up to or
    C) is saying

    and thus, the great lord of all creation becomes understandable

    to the tiny and stunted human mind !

    such baloney !!! but yet SO entertaining !!

    i invite you all ( again ) to check out joel osteen. if ANYBODY

    knows about making god ”comprehensible” it’s gotta be old

    joel and his gooney wife. tune in ……… it’s always great !

  7. Kittie Says:

    RJ – so funny you channel Osteen here. I am biting my fingers not to reply to one of my facebook friends who keeps posting quotes from his sermons… they make her feel so good evidently and she likes all the lovely feedback and support she gets when she does…

    He is just peddling himself. If ever there was a whore for the concept of a happy loving and caring god it would be Joel Osteen. He doesn’t even keep a straight face with some of the crap he says… And as for entertainment – I tune in to the black churches every once in a while on the radio.. .or tv late at night – they (black pentecostal preachers) are hilarious to watch… mmmh hmmmm…

    Once late I caught a program put out by the young earth creationists where they explained just how those dinosaurs fit on the ark…I kept waiting for them to bust up laughing at the ridiculousness of the whole concept, but no, they were serious.

    You are right RJ… they claim incomprehensibility for things that would counter that there is a loving caring god… but then claim to know exactly how god wants everything done and how much money he wants you to give…

    cheers – a toast..

  8. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Jeff I just got up off the floor. Warn us when you are going to paint such a hilarious picture.

  9. Jeff Says:

    Sorry, Sinjin, but such a warning would lessen the impact (with the floor). As I’ve mentioned before, I learned Euclidean Humor from the good Dr. Asimov, to whit, that the shortest distance between two puns is a straight line. As to the subject of blue humor, it is often better to describe someone for whom the status of their parents’ marriage at the time of their birth was in question, rather than just calling them a bastard.

    On the other hand, it brings to mind a call that Eddie Murphy has talked about that he got from Bill Cosby, asking him to modify the language he used on stage. Eddie, because of his respect for Dr. Cosby, called his friend, Richard Pryor, and spoke to him about what he should say to Bill. Richard, in an uncharacteristic show of personal wisdom, asked Eddie what his job was. “To make people laugh, as you well know”, was the reply. “Then you’re doing your job, and from what they’re paying you, quite well at that. Tell Bill that, then tell him to go have a Coke and a smile, (referring to a commercial that Dr. C was currently starring in, author) and shut the f*** up!”

    Of course, as with so much else, there is always a gripping hand that one must come to eventually.

    BTW, dear moderator, no forum for today’s quote.