4th November 2012

“If religious instruction were not allowed until the child had attained the age of reason, we would be living in a quite different world.”

Christopher Hitchens1949 – 2011

6 Responses to “4th November 2012”

  1. Kittie Says:

    What if parenting instructions were required or maybe the ability to actually support yourself before procreating… Just think of what a different world if we actually cared about them all (children) enough to not let the ones already here starve or be beaten to death by their baby mamma’s new boyfriend… (seems to be the going thing here in south texas)

    ahhh the what ifs…..

  2. Kittie Says:

    What if his Christian brother, Peter got cancer instead of Christopher…

  3. The Heretic Says:

    Never wish cancer on anyone, not even hypothetically. That being said, I do wish that Christopher was still alive and well. I miss his polemic soul; the world is a lesser place without him.

    As to his quote – I believe that parents have the right to rear their children in anyway they see fit. I wish they all agreed with the quote at hand whilst raising them, but it is not my place (nor anyone elses) to tell them otherwise.

    As to being able to afford your children when you have them, I agree with that whole-heartedly and am against the government helping financially in any way as it just encourages continuation of the problem.

  4. Capt'Z Says:

    Well, I agree with Hitch on this. Going a step further, I agree with a similar assertion by Richard Dawkins that the religious indoctrination of children is a form of child abuse. If you think the ‘proofs’ of your religion are so moving, then what do you have to lose by forgoing catechism until, say, the are of 15? Relionistas will never do this because they know (but will never admit) that their arguments are less substantial than the exhalations they use to make them.

  5. Jeff Says:

    TH and Kittie, the only problem that I have with your libertarian outlook on procreation is two fold. First, folks who can’t afford children can always afford to screw, and it’s often the one of the few forms of entertainment they can afford. Second, your solution punishes the child more than it does the parent. They can always just shove the kid out the door, and let it starve.

    Now, both Hitch and Dawkins have it right on the religious education score, but once again, the libertarian ideal which TH expresses gets in the way of the solution. What it seems to come down to “We can’t help parents financially to raise the kids, so we’ve got to let ’em starve, and we can’t tell the parents how to educate the kids if they do manage to feed ’em, so we’ve got to let ’em grow up ignorant if they do manage to grow up.” Sorry, but that doesn’t sound like a society in which I want to live, let alone raise a child.

  6. Kittie Says:

    Jeff dear we are living in that world. I sit in a meeting as a volunteer for the Health Advisory Committee for my school. Our district is 70% on free lunch…that means they are most also on the SNAP or Lone Star Card. Yet we have kids going without food (not personally witnessed) according to those who make the home visits. We do tell people how to educate their kids – in fact the public system is set up to hobble the fast learners so they don’t get too far ahead of their slower – english as a second language – at risk classmates. The education system has become bogged down in too many rules.

    People should be able to provide the basics – food, clothing and shelter for themselves before they get to procreate.

    It is the access to birth control not the screwing that is the problem. Poor women do not really want to be saddled with constant pregnancy… Free birth control of choice is really the solution.

    I didn’t offer any solutions – just pointed out other issues that I believe have more impact than religious instruction upon a society. Religious instruction can be overcome as in most of our cases probably.

    Heretic – I didn’t “wish” cancer on anyone – even hypothetically. It was a statement about “what if”… the difference in the world if Hitch had gotten a better gene mixture and not been a candidate for cancer. Imagine the difference – I too think the world has a little less lustre without Hitch… there is no replacement – I like Ricky Gervais but … well.. you get the idea. And for Hitch’s brother Peter – well I wouldn’t miss him at all. A “what if” observation does not a wish make. But if I had a wish to make. I could very well wish all cancer be gone.