11th November 2012

“In America religious groups gain political advantage and rally their followers by presenting themselves as embattled. Actually listening to the other side is tantamount to admitting you're not really being persecuted.”

Laura Miller

3 Responses to “11th November 2012”

  1. Kittie Says:

    All my facebook jesus loving friends really thought god would be on their side and that Mitt would win over Obama. When that didn’t happen the fall back position (instead of saying that god wanted obama to win so we should be behind him and support his position on these social issues) became – god is punishing us with 4 years of obama – it is all part of god’s master plan so they are accepting of it but still unhappy…

    On a stranger note – my little guy was playing with a magnet last night that had a picture of the twin towers on it. He was pointing and describing where his office was and in what building. He told me he worked there. He did the “mail” and his name was Sarah. He had a different mom then, but he has me now. He said there were lots of stairs and an elevator and he would take me there some day to see it all. He talked about how far away it was.. some other stuff about going from one building to the other and details about work… then he went and put the magnet up… He turns 5 on the 21st… and up until now he thinks he is a dinosaur… but this is really weird stuff. Any experiences out there like that?

  2. Jeff Says:

    The real beauty of this tactic is that it can work for any in-group/out-group pairing. Look at what happened Tuesday night on Fox, when Ohio was called for Obama, but they had convinced themselves that the polling was skewed by the “lame-stream” media. The polling was right on the money – Nate Silver, whom they had villified, got 49 out of 50 states dead on the money, and the one he was wrong on was Florida. Yet, when it was perfectly clear that Obama had won, they were insisting that something was wrong and that it couldn’t be called this early. Think it over – the BIASED media is all against us, and that’s why our message didn’t resonate with the voters. IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

  3. Kittie Says:

    yes it is – same same