17th November 2012

“It is still criminal for the [Catholic] Church to think for yourself. Moreover, it's even more criminal to say something.”

Father Joseph Sedjrari

9 Responses to “17th November 2012”

  1. Will Says:

    I get (and appreciate) the point, but the grammar in this quote is atrocious. Did you mean “it is still criminal in the [Catholic]…”

  2. Will Says:

    Oops! Lower case “I”. I should have asked, “Did you mean ‘It is still…'” Best wishes!

  3. Bruce Williams Says:

    I can’t make sense out of this.

  4. R j Says:

    this quote sounds like brother joseph

    had a little too much of the

    blood of christ.

  5. The Heretic Says:

    Try it in a Mosque – they will behead you and rape your daughters.

  6. Atheist MC Says:

    Worse would be raping your daughters then beheading you.

  7. Atheist MC Says:

    Even worse would be raping your daughters and not beheading you

  8. Atheist MC Says:

    Neither option is good for your daughters

  9. Kittie Says:

    sucks to be daughters… Or women in church world –

    Paul can shove his “women be silent” right on up his….