2nd December 2012

“Religion has been a divisive force throughout history. Its claims can't be adjudicated except by 'faith', and have hence historically (and to this day) been settled by conflict.”

Oliver Kamm

3 Responses to “2nd December 2012”

  1. RJ Says:

    ”settled by CONFLICT” ???????

    that’s a joke.

    more like settled by , ” how’s about i KILL your ass ? ”

  2. Kittie Says:

    A friend made a statement on facebook about how they – “non-christians” are breeding faster than “we” christians. She also stated they had “whacked out” beliefs…So yea, I had to give the short version of her own “whacked out” belief showing her that to many people (myself included) she was the one with whacked out beliefs…Of course this just disentegrated into end of times condolences and such from all the little do-gooders. And the witnessing and the prayer for me and the pity that I became this way because of someone claiming to be a christian, who hurt me, but really wasn’t… Can you bleieve that shit? And as is always the case with people who don’t have a clue about why they believe what they believe -when it was apparent that they had nothing to match logic and reason, they pulled out the victim card – I became the attacker and “grab your pitchforks” christians – we are under attack…. god, why do I even try?

  3. Kittie Says:

    But on a higher note – looks like we may be spending 3 years in Germany!