10th December 2012

“Islam is a set of beliefs and rules that militate against human prosperity, happiness, welfare, freedom, equality and knowledge. Islam and a full human life are contradictory concepts, opposed to each other. Islam under any kind of interpretation is and always has been a strong force against secularism, modernism, egalitarianism and women's rights. Political Islam, however, is a political movement that has come to the fore against secular and progressive movements for liberation, and against cultural and intellectual advances. Violence and disregard for human dignity are inherent in the manifestos of political Islamic groups.”

Azam Kamguian

One Response to “10th December 2012”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Presuming that he doesn’t also realize that Judaism and Christianity are also incompatible with human freedom as well?

    Servitude. It is such and ugly concept. It offends me on every level. To think a person must be coerced into a system of belief that requires any measure of servitude is abhorrent.