19th December 2012

“All religions have based morality on obedience, that is to say, on voluntary slavery. That is why they have always been more pernicious than any political organization.”

Alexander Herzen1812 – 1870

One Response to “19th December 2012”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    “Where there is no free agency, there can be no morality. Where there is no temptation, there can be little claim to virtue. Where the routine is rigorously proscribed by law, the law, and not the man, must have the credit of the conduct.” [William H. Prescott, “History of the Conquest of Peru,” 1847]

    Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.
    Noam Chomsky

    Obedience is detachment from the self. This is the most radical detachment of all. But what is the self? The self is the principle of reason and responsibility in us. It is the root of freedom, it is what makes us men.
    Bede Griffiths

    I think these three quotations form my thoughts on blind faith/voluntary slavery/morality on obedience.

    Moral challenges must exist for us to be moral actors. Coercive anti-moral messages are a part of the morality challenge. And it all gets back to us acting on reason and thinking, that we can not give into convenience and take for granted, assume nothing.