27th December 2012

“While you have your nose buried in a book that was written thousands of years ago, and revised many times since, in search of the meaning of life, you're missing out on what it's really all about.”

Kyle Buis

2 Responses to “27th December 2012”

  1. The Heretic Says:

    And life is about……….? Death and Taxes……and avoiding both at all costs.

  2. Kittie Says:

    If only they had their noses buried in that book they would be revulsed. That is the problem – none of them really do read it or comprehend what they are reading.

    I had “advice” given on facebook that this friend uses the bible as her only reference to raising her kids…. Now I see the problem.

    The problem is they think the few quotes they have memorized since childhood and the hot sexy picture of jesus floating around facebook represents their belief system… but they don’t really know what that is…