14th January 2013

“I remember hearing as an eight-year-old girl that a woman is nothing but shame. Her marriage will cover up one-tenth of her shame and her grave will cover up the rest of it. Can you imagine, at eight, being consumed by shame just because you are female?”

Wafa Sultan

4 Responses to “14th January 2013”

  1. Kittie Says:

    My mother tried to teach me that the man was the head of the household.. I found out later though – it was just a convenient way for her to blame all of the bad financial/life’s decisions made on my dad.

    I refuse to expose my daughter to such nonsense as coming from some supreme form of life – much less one that cares more about the males than the females of its children….

  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I’ve told my daughters that they are my dreams come true. They actually are.

  3. The Heretic Says:

    She is speaking specifically of Islam and the religion she escaped. The women of Islam have no rights. And interestingly, their women are some of the most staunch observers of the ‘slavery’ that is the life of the Muslim female. But, what I don’t understand, is why feminist organizations of the West don’t speak out more forcefully of Muslim woman’s plight. Oh, there is the occasional story, but nothing like one would expect when almost 1/5 of all women in the world have no rights. I would expect constant loud outrage.

  4. Kittie Says:

    I know – speaking as a woman – I don’t identify at all with those women. They promote their own misery and torture. Who spreads their legs to make more fodder for their imams to slaughter. Who makes the sweets to celebrate the martyrs death. Who hands over their children to such madness. and why. They are securing their own place in paradise with their children’s blood. Who holds down the young daughter as she thrashes about trying to avoid the rock that will smash off her labia… who welcomes home the man who threw acid in the face of the single woman down the street? Who complains to the husband and helps to kill the daughters for honor? Who washes the blood from the clothes and provides comfort – the women. They must change themselves first. We have the same apathy towards women in abusive relationships here in America. Give her some prozac so she can remain in her crappy life – say a prayer for her….mind your own business.