26th February 2013

“Believing is easier than thinking. Hence so many more believers than thinkers.”

Bruce Calvert

8 Responses to “26th February 2013”

  1. Dan Says:

    That’s the truth of it. But, if we’re an intelligent species, why do we do everything that we can to avoid using our intelligence?

  2. The Heretic Says:

    Oh so true.

    I have asked people why they believe a certain way, and usually the answer is because they do. This wasn’t a religious discussion, but I asked a woman why she had her sons circumcised, when it was a medically unnecessary practice and in some cases permenently disfigures the male? After getting extremely upset at me, she gave me no rational response other than to say that their father was circumcised and she wanted her sons to look like their father. I wonder if that is the response from woman with female circumcision? No thinking at all. How distressing and disgusting.

    I truly believe that people put more thought into buying a car, then they do into their religion or many other things.

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Well Dan I’d think you could answer your own question: What is the ordinary animals life like in the wild? Aren’t they almost in a constant struggle to survive, to find food, avoid predators, mate, etc.

    Aren’t humans the only animals who have for the most part moved away from the relentless need to survive and have a moment to relax? Aren’t humans the only animal that can leave the present, fantasize the future, wax peotic about the past?

    Isn’t “believing” a great grand luxury of being human? Too much of a good thing though probably applies: Right? Opiate of the masses?

    It always struck me as odd, the part about not eating from the tree of knowledge? Or stepping out of Plato’s cave into the light of day?

    The nature and nuture of our young: Can it ever be equal?

    Does a common belief system corral/herd the masses of the uninformed better than expecting them to embrace critical thinking?

    I’d like to think we’d press everyone as much as possible to be their best but is that practical?

  4. Terence Meaden Says:

    “Rational arguments don’t work with religious people – otherwise there would be no religious people.”

  5. The Heretic Says:


    Interesting article I just ran across. Not that it is a surprise.

  6. WPJ Says:

    Actually, believing often occurs after thinking. Unfortunately, in the promotion of the quest for truth, not enough of the later occurs. Sadly, as Terence Meaden and Dan hint in their remarks, people believe due to be happy. No believer ultimately cares if their thoughts are rationally justifiable. Alas, may all continue to be miserable (attempted humor)

  7. Dan Says:

    Of course you’re right – I just revel in pointing out that so many people live under the delusion that we’re rational creatures whose pre-frontal cortex runs the show. In reality it’s more like the limbic system (a far more primeval region of the brain) seems to be in charge.

  8. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    ROFLMAO Dan! Thanx!