1st March 2013

“The reason you don't see atheists running hospitals is because they don't mix theology with the applied science of medicine.”


7 Responses to “1st March 2013”

  1. R J Says:

    actually…..they dont mix theology with ANYTHING.

  2. Dan Says:

    How do they know that there are no atheists running hospitals? Sounds like a highly dubious claim to me.

  3. Bruce Williams Says:

    Good point Dan.

  4. The Heretic Says:

    There are probably many atheists running hospitals. But I don’t think they tell anyone. This is just a guess, but I would assume patients prefer a deity is on the side of the hospital. Maybe that is why there are so many run by religious institutions. Dumb? Wishful thinking? Or just hedging the odds? Don’t know. Don’t care. Just as long as they don’t quit medical treatment for praying over the body, doesn’t matter.

  5. Mariner Says:

    The way I read the quote, it’s saying that there are no hospitals founded in the NAME of atheism, in order to promote some atheist agenda, and where medical treatments are either made available or denied according to some atheist ideology.

  6. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Despite the religious label, these so-called religious hospitals are more public than public hospitals. Religious hospitals get 36% of all their revenue from Medicare; public hospitals get only 27%. In addition to that 36% of public funding, they get 12% of their funding from Medicaid. Of the remaining 44% of funding, 31% comes from county appropriations, 30% comes from investments, and only 5% comes from charitable contributions (not necessarily religious). The percentage of Church funding for Church-run hospitals comes to a grand total of 0.0015 percent.

    Of the 13% of religious hospitals, all of them are maintained by public funds. Those public funds are not paid for exclusively by the religious, and they certainly aren’t supported by American churches. If the religious hospitals were to be truly religious and separated from secular governmental subsidies, they would collapse. The question that the Christian apologist should be asked is, \Where are all the truly religious hospitals?\ Slapping a Catholic or Methodist label upon a hospital wall isn’t sufficient enough to create a truly independent, private, religious hospital free from atheist support. – See more at: http://atheists.org/content/question-atheists-hospitals#sthash.Nxxu2cpp.dpuf

    To suggest a private religious hospital is actually private and also religious is less accurate as saying a public hospital is an atheist hospital.

    Think about it, contributions to the collection plate fail to cover the cost of basic maintenance and repair at most churches: Do you really think that religious charities would fully fund hospitals?

  7. Yangzoom Says:

    Why are theists not running to churches to procure a healing touch or a prayer after they have been in a car crash?

    Because theists are hypocrites and will drag their sorry ass to the hospital and rely on science to heal them…not some bogus priest who thinks he/she has healing hands or is in contact with the other side.

    It is basic economics of choice (anthropology 101) your subject says one thing about the world but actually reveals their true nature by their behavior…what is their actual revealed preference…

    The revealed preference is to go to the hospital where evidence based science is used when injured; not to your local church.

    And next time you take a commercial flight be sure to request an atheist pilot…at least he/she will not be relying on some otherworldly force (deity) to land the plane. All pilots should trust engineers not some supernatural pilot in the sky to land that plane.

    One day we’ll be requesting non theist pilots on our tickets….just like the old days when we requested nonsmoking seats on flights.