8th March 2013

“The persecution and vitriolic conflicts that are sparked by theology (Love they neighbor, until he contradicts your theology – then cut his throat) are well chronicled.”

Terry Sanderson

4 Responses to “8th March 2013”

  1. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Seems odd to me that a benevolent god would have conditions that must be met or death sentences.

    It also seems odd that an omnipotent god would need or even want humans to war and kill to spread his justice?

    Add these oddities to the fact that god is a bit of a recluse, never showing himself and always in hiding, and I think it isn’t so much that he isn’t benevolent, omnipotent and reclusive, but instead non-existent.

    It also strikes me as odd that everyone else on Earth doesn’t also find these things peculiar at least.

  2. R J Says:


    RE your last sentence…………

    it’s not so peculliar if you just remember that humans

    are the only creatures who tell themselves lies.

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Well perhaops R J, but even if you are lying you still hold an awareness of the truth don’t you? I mean, unless it is actually possible to lie to oneself without knowing it, lying is external to the self.

    If we really can lie to ourselves, then we must know the lie and the truth. Otherwise we aren’t lying.

    I’m so confused. In the face of a lack of benevolence, omnipotance and also presence how does one arrive at being completely convinced of a character described as such?

  4. Kit Says:

    It is like a little club. It feels good to people to be “members” – they like the idea of prayer – you don’t have to actually do anything, but are using your powers of “beseechment” to evoke a response from the almighty. This gives you huge “brownie” points to others – way more than the person who shows up to actually help out, but may not be a “believer” … I have experienced this first hand. They like the feeling of excluding others from their little club. They feel comforted by the ideas presented by the “culture” of christianity which now says all the right touchy feely things… like God wants you to be happy and have stuff … They don’t want anyone messing with the lie as they have pasted the meaning of life itself to the lie. They like to think of those not embracing the lie, as going to hell and suffering for their arrogance – they want to avoid responsibility – and have jesus as the scapegoat for everything… I get why they lie, I just don’t want them to be in control of the rest of us…I don’t want them praying for me either – I no longer see this as a nice gesture. I see it as hostile