11th March 2013

“I reject religious dogma because I refuse to subscribe to the primitive notion that women are second class citizens.”


3 Responses to “11th March 2013”

  1. Terence Meaden Says:

    What Anonymous says is true.
    All my life, I have persistently called for equality of the sexes as the proper and ultimate aim of humankind much as enshrined by the high ideals of the universal declaration of human rights. The gross unfairness that exists everywhere in the world with regard to women arose from within—and has been maintained by—the male-dominated religions of the world. These religions were invented by men for the benefit of men and the suppression of women; and the fact that religions continue to wield unjust power is largely due to the perpetual deep and devious indoctrination of the young—male and female—by patriarchal societies. It is thus that so many women, especially those affected by the more extreme religions, undeservedly and yet meekly accept the inhuman, often cruel, teachings that they were taught in their childhood. Religious dogma triumphs when democratic governments and the non-religious do nothing.

  2. reetBob Says:

    The power of the church is self-serving, and oppresses all people regardless of sex.

    Men were sent to the middle East to preserve dominion over the Holy Land, women were not expected to die for the church.

    There is an expectation that Jewish boys will undergo genital mutilation, but similar traditions affecting women are villified.

    Men and women should be equal, and there are unfortunately historic iniquities, but the feminist narrative of all males oppressors acting, and women being acted upon, is not accurate.

  3. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    Some people have different genital arrangments, some are attracted to the same sex, some have different skin tones, but none of this changes the fact that they are all people.

    When you find a reason to define some people as superior to other people, for whatever the reason may be, you have become a bigot.

    In religious and political factions the stage is set for prejudice and bigotry.

    We will have evolved psychologically when we no longer find safety in groups.