15th March 2013

“The American tradition is to identify with a faith, and yet often it's a superficial attachment with no understanding of what a religion means for behavior or lifestyle.”

Seymour Lachman

One Response to “15th March 2013”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Here’s one for the No F’ing Clue file on religion:

    A certain retailer who claims to be in the Hobby business (they’re not, unless your primary hobby is home decorating) is SO CHRISTIAN that they will not open on Sunday. HOWSOEVER, some years ago, a wholesaler/importer of dollhouse furnishings, the largest such in North America, took a number of samples of items they were having made and importing from China to the firm. After close examination, the samples were left with the firm, who immediately went about tracing them back to the Chinese manufacturer, who was induced to sell the items directly to the “Christian” firm, despite the design and prototyping efforts of the original importer. Not theft under the law – the designs were not copyrighted – but moral theft by any RELIGIOUS definition.

    I know this because I’ve done business with the importer for years, am close enough to the owner to have heard his end of the story, and compete with one of the retailer’s stores, and so have seen the items on their shelf under their own brand. Christian Ethics – an oxymoron if ever I’ve seen one.