8th April 2008

“Some years ago I represented my local community in protesting, on health grounds, plans to install a mobile phone mast in a church tower. The church disputed the health risks, and advised me that it could only deal with issues for which there was clear scientific evidence!”

Norman Dryden

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  1. Quotebot Says:


  2. Chris Says:

    A classic of compartmentalized thinking.

    Personal anecdote – The Director of my daughters school sent out his monthly message on the theme “teaching wisdom”, in which he makes the case that we out to include instruction of this sort. In it he listed four fallacies of the unwise. And trotted out Hitler and Stalin. Seriously. I’d never heard of the items on his list so I decided to look them up. Turns out he plagiarized his letter on wisdom. Word for F’N word. So much for the ethical education he recieved at the Pontifical University of Rome.

  3. ROCKICON82 Says:

    Can anyone tell me who Norman Dryden is?

  4. Critic Says:

    Can anyone tell me who Norman Dryden is?

    Not absolutely sure, but, he apparently is an activist against cell phone towers in the UK according to a comment to this article


    So, how about it Admin? TM? Any more details you can share?

  5. Terence Meaden Says:

    I encountered this excellent quotation in the monthly magazine of “The Freethinker” a few months ago.
    I can look up the precise details of the reference if needed.
    “The Freethinker”, founded by G. W. Foote, is “the voice of atheism since 1881”.