18th March 2013

“The atheist is never surprised or shocked at anything done by an organization based on the premise that its head on earth is endowed by God Himself with infallible insight on faith and morals.”

Susan Jacoby

6 Responses to “18th March 2013”

  1. Panzerbjørn Says:

    This is, sadly, only too true…

  2. Sinjin Smythe Says:

    I think that the claim of an incapability to make mistakes or be wrong flies in the face of any deep intuitive understanding of anything. Particularly as it applies to a person’s trust, confidence, and standards of behavior. Basically the only absolute is that there are no absolutes.

  3. Diane Says:

    This is true however takes a somewhat fatalistic attitude about how harmful faith is to the rest of us more often than not. We need to be more critical of religious beliefs rather than respectful as these “beliefs” do far more harm than good.

  4. D Says:

    The entire article is here:

    In this case, the quote is inspired by the catholic church blaming their sexual abuse problems on the cultural and sexual revolution of the 1960’s.

    I am in agreement that atheists should not be surprised by events facilitated by belief. In fact, they are to be expected as natural outcomes of such beliefs. However, I disagree that all atheists are no longer shocked by these actions and I am disturbed at the idea that familiarity would breed any type of numbing complacency towards them.

  5. Gerry Glasgow Says:

    Whilst I am in general agreement of the quoute I would like to ask people to be wary of any sentence that starts with a generalization of an entire section of people.

    The atheist is never……

    Woman are always…..

    Gays seldom……

    Men are…..

    etc etc

    I bet ther are tons of atheists constantly surprised by the antics of many organizations.
    Being an atheist only tells you about the persons non belief. After that it is anyones guess as to the make up, viewpoint, political affiliation etc of the person.

    Hate to be pedantic but words matter otherwise we wouldnt be discussing all the time

  6. Bruce Williams Says:

    Thanx D.